March 30, 2016

3 Ways to Stay Positive When You’re Running a Business

Today, I have a very special video for all the entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) out there! I took a moment to interview my dear friend and the founder of Itiba Beauty, Yoki. She has one of the most inspiring stories of all time and overcame much adversity to create the successful skincare line she has now.

I wanted to introduce you to her because she knows better than anyone the struggles that come along with launching and sustaining a business. In this video, she reveals three practices for staying in a positive state of mind no matter what. You’ll also learn a few fun facts about her.

Go ahead and click play and be sure to join the conversation in the comments below. What are your go-to practices for staying positive? We’d love to hear all about them!


This post is sponsored by itiba. I only partner with brands that I have tried, companies I trust, and initiatives that I can fully get behind. I share these things from my heart, I just happened to also get paid for them and I am grateful for that.

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  • Susannah

    LOVE THIS VIDEO! Thank you so much for posting today, it was exactly what I needed after the ups/downs of the past month of launching my new site ( It has been emotionally exhausting but also so fufilling. Keeping those around me to lift me up and keep the naysayers out of my head is absolutely key. Totally agree that if we don’t care of US then there is nothing else left. No guilt on “shutting it down” when needed 🙂

    • Nitika

      I love this Susannah! Thanks so much for sharing + I am THRILLED that you got something out of this video!! Yoki is amazing and totally one of “us” when it comes to hustle + heart. Sending lots of love to you!! xx

  • Yoki Hanley

    Thank you so much Nitika for allowing me to share my story! This was so much fun.
    Susannah, I am also so happy that this has helped to give you the support you need to know that you needed today! Be blessed and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

    • Nitika

      Of course Yoki!! We are so thrilled to have you as a part of our community + appreciate your wisdom so much!! Lots of love xx

  • Yayah Fari

    Greetings and blessings from the small island of St.Kitts, i got one of the body butters here in St.Kitts, i gave one as a birthday gift to a friend and bring one as a gift for my mother in Puerto Rico cus i believe in small bussiness quality and i feel these products are made with lots of love and dedication… they are amazing!! Love the work you are doing , keep it up Sistrenght! My husband and I have a vegetarian restaurant here in St.Kitts named Ital Creations, we know how stressful can be some times!! thanks for the word sound and much sucess on your bussiness i will keep supporting you from Sugar City!
    One love!

    • Nitika

      This is so lovely Yayah! Thank you for letting us know how much your enjoying the products + good luck with your restaurant!!! Sending you so much love!! xx

  • Joanna D Samuel

    Hi! I just came across your post and really enjoyed this interview.. Yoki, is a positive TRAILBLAZER in the Virgin Islands and I fully respect her positive Vibes..


    • Nitika

      So happy you feel that way Joanna! I couldn’t agree MORE! xxx

  • Michele Morales

    I LOVED this video and Yoki, I love your spirit! Your newsletter was so incredibly amazing too it brought me to tears! So thankful to have you as a light and positive role model for entrepreneurs. God bless!

    • Nitika

      Isn’t You just the best?! So glad you liked the video and that it was inspiring for you!! Lots of love xx

  • Sandy Chang

    Hi Nitika, I just saw your video in this week class in INN. SO it inspired me to look for you in your website.
    Thanks for presenting these important topics as simple as real. I too am starting my business as a HC and I need as much a support as possible. So I am searching inspiration through these type of videos. I will initiate this w/e.
    Thanks for your constructive support and inspiration.
    All the best!

    • Nitika

      So glad this has been helpful and that you found me through IIN Sandy!! Much luck + love to you on your journey!!! xxx

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