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I can be described many ways depending on the day. But, put simply, I’m a woman on a mission to inspire radical self-love.

I want everyone—including you—to fall in love with who they are; to recognize their inner and outer beauty with ease; and to finally learn how to thrive with a chronic illness.

This mission of mine didn’t come wrapped up in a pretty little bow while I was meditating or sipping on a cup of masala chai; in fact, I had to experience a great deal of pain for it to come forth.

At the age of 10 I was diagnosed with a debilitating case of psoriasis and at 19, I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis that took over most of my joints.  My entire body was covered from the tips of my toes to the crown of my head in unsightly sores and for about the first 5 years of having psoriatic arthritis I was left unable to move without severe pain.

While it’s been over 26 years since I was diagnosed and I have come a long way, the first 15 years of my diagnoses left me overwhelmed with pain, insecurity, confusion and battling depression. It was brutal and if you or anyone you love has ever struggled with their health in a similar way, you know exactly what I am talking about.

On the most difficult of days, self-care was my saving grace.

Although I resisted it at first, I eventually started taking small steps towards learning how I was more than just my condition. I treated myself to long baths with sweet smelling sea salts. I lovingly rubbed lotion on my skin to help soothe the pain. I put on my favorite shade of red lipstick and painted my nails. I collected pictures of everything that inspired me, ultimately creating a vision board of the life I always wanted.

In those moments, I felt compassion for my condition and myself. My perspective shifted from extreme despair to a deep faith that there was a better way. And, I started to realize I was meant for something much bigger than a life spent in misery.

So I made a decision: to be more committed to my happiness than my suffering.

Today, I am living a life where every experience is truly relished. I’m surrounded by amazing women who accept me for exactly who I am. My skin is healthy and glowing. I savor everything I put into my body—from green juice to gluten free pizza. Above all, I’m eternally grateful to have the freedom to fully express myself through my work and to spread the self-love mission every single day.

Let me tell you, being an entrepreneur hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns; I’ve worked my butt off big time. But the fruit of my labor has been incredibly sweet. I founded the online lifestyle magazine Bella Life back in 2010, which led me to become a go-to resource for young women around the globe. A few years later, the stars magically aligned and I became the host of Naturally Beautiful, a Talk Show airing on the holistic lifestyle channel Z Living. And most recently, I landed a position as a luxury skin-care spokesperson and regular expert on QVC.

Life has brought me so many gifts and I could not be more grateful for my journey here.

Why am I telling you all of this?

Whether you’re battling cancer or going through a divorce (I have one of those under my belt too), you’re desperate to find your purpose, or you’re living on your own for the very first time—I completely understand that the biggest challenge can often be the negative voices in your head.

Know that you’ve found a home here. Know this is a place where I won’t just slap an affirmation on your problem and call it a day. I’ll actually provide you with powerful (and fun) ways to feel the fear and live a beautiful life anyway. It’s courageous and messy, yes. But there really is immense beauty along the way.

So from this day forward consider yourself part of my “Love Entourage.” Get ready for uplifting heart-to-hearts, big perspective shifts, and a regular peek inside my real life—oh, there will also be lots of natural beauty products shared!

Stick with me and learn to love yourself to your very core.

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