Hello My Love! I am so pumped that you found me here. I have created a program unlike anything I have ever offered before. With YOU in mind.

Are you struggling with your health and body in a way that feels devastating?

Are you suffering from a chronic illness and feel like even the smallest actions are a major challenge?

Are you TIRED of doing it all alone?

Are you sick of feeling like no one ever understands you or what you’re feeling?

Well, I was too. After living with a debilitating case of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis for the past 26 years of my life, I can finally say that I am THRIVING with a chronic illness and I want that for you too.

I am not here promising you a cure to whatever it is that you are dealing with in your body, I am here to support you in creating a life you love no matter how your body is showing up.

There were decades of my life where I thought I would never be able to have a “normal” life and do things that seemed so simple for everyone around me. Everything from showering to getting dressed and even holding a job was extremely complicated and some days even impossible. It wasn’t until I learned how to actually create a community that gets me completely, tap into my inner wisdom and make changes for my health that were simple and effective that my life started to change.

I believe that self-love is the ability to be more committed to your happiness than to your suffering in every single moment and that is exactly what we are going to learn how to do together in this incredibly special group coaching program.

For the next three months, join me and three of my absolute favorite soul sisters on this journey towards THRIVING with a chronic illness!


In this exclusive program you get:

* Weekly Motivational Monday Calls for 1 hour to set an intention for the week with our group + get spot coaching for anything pressing we need to clear before starting our week

* One 60 minute one-on-one intensive with me at ANY point during the 3 months of our program

* One monthly LIVE video webinar with me for two hours, teaching about a specific topic live coaching with the group to support you with any blocks that are coming up. We are going to be diving deep around the way to choose the food regimen that’s right for you, how to create intimate and fulfilling relationships, following your dreams when you are dealing with chronic illness and so much more. 

* One monthly LIVE video webinar with a special guest of mine! These women have been THRIVING with their bodies and have been a huge support in my own life and they can’t wait to be with each of you and share their wisdom with our group.


Jennifer Racioppi                      Sarah Jenks                         Stacy London

         Your Body, Your Rhythm            Healing Through Winter           Step Out As Your Best YOU!

* An exclusive Facebook community just for the members of our group coaching program where you get to form real connections with people from all over the world + break the cycle of isolation

JOIN ME: Starting Monday January 15th at 10 AM EST

ALL of this is valued at $897 per month but for this program I am offering it at JUST $397 per month! This is a RARE price and I cannot guarantee that I will ever offer this program at this price again so act NOW if you’re in need of support with your body and life while dealing with chronic illness.


I can’t wait to be a part of your chronic illness journey and support you every step of the way. No more feeling like you have to do it all alone because you don’t! This group coaching program is designed to truly support you in moving your life forward no matter how challenging that might seem in at times.  

You SO got this + I am here to make sure of it. 

Join The Chronic Illness Group Coaching Program Today


Have questions about the program that weren’t answered on this page? I got you, love!  Email us at Info@NitikaChopra.com and let us know what’s up. We promise to get back to you within 24 hours. Also please note that all registrations are transferable but not refundable. 

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