If you are feeling alone with your chronic illness and/or self-love journey and you want a guide to support you, nurture you and help you navigate everything – that’s me! After dealing with two severe chronic illness for the past 27 years I have countless systems, practices, resources and compassion for what you’re going through.

Chances are that even if we don’t have the same condition, I have been exactly where you are at one point of my journey.

I have felt as hopeless as you do right now.

I have felt as tired on a cellular level as you do in this moment.

I have felt as overwhelmed as you do on a daily basis.

I have felt intense rage and frustration for what my body was putting me through.

This all had me feeling like nothing was ever going to work which just made me want to give up over and over again.

I so get it, love!

Could you use support with any (or all!) of the following?

Learning how to navigate all of your treatments and doctors appointments from an empowered place. What questions to ask and how to be an educated patient instead of a passive one.

Getting in touch with taking care of yourself and your condition in a way that has you actually make a change – not just procrastinate and daydream about it!

Creating a community that is supportive of where you are at with your health and understands everything that comes with having a chronic illness. This might mean having to let go of toxic people in your life too.

If you want to stop feeling like life is always happening TO you instead of FOR you then let’s work together to get you on a path that will be truly empowering.

In our work together you will learn…

How to feel more in love with your body  and all of the beautiful lessons it has taught you (yes I promise it’s possible). You will cultivate true confidence to follow those dreams that have been brewing in your heart or discover what it is you truly desire your life to look like no matter how far from it you currently feel. You will also learn how to create powerful boundaries so that you’re not constantly depleted and how to process the grief that is in your body because when you’re dealing with a chronic illness it is there, trust me.

There are three ways to work with me one-on-one. Let’s setup a free 30 minute consultation call to see which offering is best for you and where you are at right now. I am always incredibly honest and transparent about whether or not I feel working with me is the best fit and not attached! I just want the best for you, truly. Go ahead and email Me@NitikaChopra.com to get on my calendar!

In the meantime, get acquainted with what’s possible below…

Breakthrough Session

$175 for 60 minutes via the phone

Feel like you just need a bit of a push, an extra hug on an emotional level or support with solving a specific issue in that moment? I hear that! Sometimes we feel so lost that we just need support from someone who helps us see that we are OK and supports us to get over the pain we are facing in the current moment. In these 60 minute Breakthrough Sessions we go deep from the moment we get on the phone and get to the root of what has you feeling lost in this very moment. You will leave this call with specific action items that allow you to move forward in a major way. This call will leave you feeling more supported with your chronic illness journey and chances are, you will want to book another session immediately because 95% of my clients do!

Wrap Yourself In Chronic Self-Love

$600 per month for 2 bi-weekly sessions on Zoom/Skype for 90 Minutes each for 3 months

Feeling isolated and like the weight of the world is on your shoulders because of everything your body is dealing with? Sure you’re strong as hell and have been through so much, handling everything like the warrior you are. But you’re tired, scared and feel like it’s starting to get the best of you. I have SO been there and it wasn’t until I found genuine support that things really started to shift. The support someone needs when they are dealing with a chronic illness versus the support everyone else needs is very different and I know that first hand.

This 3-month coaching program allows us to connect twice a month on Zoom for 90 minutes each session. I specifically host these calls on Zoom because we can go even deeper when we are face-to-face, having you feel supported on a level that will be soul-shifting. We will go over everything from your medical routine, your self-love practices, who is in your tribe and even how to follow your dreams while managing your health. If you feel like any of these things are impossible, I promise you that they’re not.

You also have the ability to email me with emotional emergencies where you might need a little extra support – it happens to the best of us! By the end of these 3 months you will feel empowered where your health is concerned and have a deep knowing that you are not in this alone. Not only will you have me in your back pocket guiding you throughout your journey, you will feel a stronger connection to the people in your life with loads of new resources for support. Connecting people is one of my super powers and my network becomes available to you wherever I see it could be helpful for your journey!

Deep Dive Day

$1200 for 5 hours in person in New York City. Meals and Spa Service Included in the price!

This day is one of my all time favorite offerings and creates such a beautiful soul connection between us that will carry you through whatever darkness you might be feeling in your life right now. We start the day off with a beautiful breakfast in New York City where we get to know each other, set intentions for your day and get honest about the pain that you’ve been experiencing in your mind, body and spirit. You are then taken to one of my favorite spas in Chelsea for a treatment. This portion of the day is meant to get you more in your body and have you confront your body in a safe but sometimes challenging way. When we struggle with a chronic illness it can be all too easy to isolate and create walls around ourselves so that no one dare to come too close. With this treatment you will be breaking that cycle and afterwards we will meet to meditate together on everything you just experienced. Your time at the spa is followed by a delicious lunch where we dig deeper into what is next for you and set you up to truly feel empowered in your life.  You will leave our time together with clear steps to take for when you are experiencing a flare up with your health, when depression over your current circumstances gets the best of you and when you start to feel isolated again. This day is meant to wrap you in so much love that you will know how to access it whenever you need it. It’s an incredible experience!

Not sure which offering is right for you? No problem! Just email me at Me@NitikaChopra.com and get your free 30 minute consultation scheduled. After we have full explored your current situation and talked through all of the options we can work together to decide which is best for you. I can’t wait to work with you soon, love! 

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