July 10, 2012

Compassion Is The Key To Allowing Miracles

Watch the latest Meditate On This video and see Bella Life founder, Nitika Chopra as she shares how bringing compassion to your life journey can create miracles and even shows you how it did that for her!

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  • Grady Pruitt

    It’s great to hear someone talk of just allowing. I think we get too focused what we want to get done that we lose sight of the fact that a higher power might have other plans for us that we may not see yet. Sometimes, the things we least expect wind up being the very thing that pushes us where we really wanted to go in the first place.

    Thanks for sharing! (Now, I need to go figure out how I’m going to apply this 😀 )

  • Nitika Chopra

    Thanks so much Grady! So glad you dig the new video. I have no doubt that you will be able to apply this like the rockstar you are 🙂


    Nitika <3

  • Neerja

    Nikita! Great video on allowing. I wanted to share what came to me this past week in my meditation. I too have been “trying” to manifest certain things that are aligned with my heart’s desires. I have found by being committed to self awareness my negative spiral thought patterns that come when disappointment appears. This week I heard some key messages about this.
    *The love I seek outside myself is infinitely greater inside. (When we are peaceful and able to pay attentiont to life and really listen, we find that there is so much love inside us and our individual connections to source).
    *The Power to create the life of my heart’s desires is infinitely bigger than I realize. (When I get stressed, nervous, anxious, etc…..self doubt and limiting beliefs come flooding in and I start doubting myself and the Universe. This was a powerful message for me to hear. A “don’t worry, be happy, you got this” type of message.) Trust yourself.
    *I am closer than I think. (This one has made shifts in my life already. If I always go to a negative place when I am disappointed, I go down the self pity spiral. What if the opposite was true instead? That my desires are about to be fulfilled. I am closer than I think. I was thinking I was once again far away from my desires being manifested…but what if the opposite was true? If this disappointment was just my interpretation, then I can change my interpretation!).

    All you need is love. Love yourself and commit to being aware so you always know when you are NOT in a state of allowing. Your ability to go with the flow is related to your success (however you define success).

    Peace and Love.

    (Btw, we know the same guy…Chris Vongsawat. He is my DP/editor for my webseries.

  • Nitika Chopra

    Hi Neerja!

    Thank you SO much for sharing these beautiful messages with all of us, so profound and I know truly helpful for all who will read it. Love Chris too by the way, so glad to know you two work together! Have a beautiful rest of your week <3



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