November 14, 2011

Learn how to shop Cheap And Look Chic!

Bella Life founder, Nitika Chopra, gets cozy with Fashion & Beauty contributor Jess Zaino in this hilarious and informative interview. Watch as these two showcase their love of fashion and each other as well as give you an inside look at the much loved Cheap Chic Shopping Tours!

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  • Ashley Taylor

    Wowza ladies! I loved watching this video. Talk about an amazingly fun interview! Love to both of you!


  • Patrice Kamins

    Style and personality–a combination that is priceless!

  • Bianca Jade

    Ooooh, cheap chic tours! I want to come to the next one. Sounds like so much fun! Will you be making an announcement for the next spree? Thanks ladies!

  • Cecile ARGOUD

    What an amazing collaboration!! You both spread so much enthusiasm and positive energy! Every woman wants a shopping tour with Jess, of course!!

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