February 8, 2012

An Inside Look At Astrology

Catch Bella Life founder, Nitika Chopra, as she interviews Bella Life contributor Patrice Kamins and even gets all Bella Beauties an EXCLUSIVE discount off her private astrology readings which are normally $225!! Watch and see the magic between these two unfold.

Follow all things Astrology with Patrice at http://patricekamins.blogspot.com today!

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  • Ashley Taylor

    I LOVE this interview 🙂 Such insightful information on astrology.

    Patrice is my FAVE astrologer + I highly recommend everyone gets a reading from her! Especially with this incredible discount for Bella Beauties <3


  • Patrice Kamins

    On this lover’s day, note who reflects back to you the Self you most want to be! He/she is the person worth sending a Valentine to!

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