November 30, 2011

Learn How To Meditate

Bella Life founder, Nitika Chopra breaks down her favorite ways to meditate and shows you how to make this enlightening experience effortless and FUN!

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  • Ashley Taylor

    Love this vid Nitika 🙂 Meditation is so important to integrate into our daily lives. 2011 was the year I really began adding it into my daily routine. I started recording my very own guided meditations and they are on my site! I start everyday in silent meditation and set my intentions for the day over a cup of tea + silence.

  • Andrea@B Simply Healthy

    I love this! My favorite website with free guided meditations is

  • Nitika Chopra

    Ashley – awesome work, keep it up!!

    Andrea – thanks so much for sharing that website I will totally be checking that out!!

    Love Always,

    Nitika <3

  • Grady Pruitt

    Wow… What a great insight! I had never thought of how meditation could take such different forms! Definitely makes it more approachable to realize that it doesn’t have you sitting and humming a note. (Especially for someone like me that would have a hard time doing that for more than 2 minutes!) Thanks for sharing!

  • Nitika Chopra

    Thanks so much for sharing Grady!! Keep up the great work!

    Love Always,

    Nitika <3

  • Danielle Fontus

    Love this!

    It’s so true. I find my best meditative moments are when I’m walking or driving on an open road, looking at water or on a rooftop. Those are the moments when my mind can slow down and really take it all in with gratitude just how amazing all that is around me really is.

  • Nadia

    Thank you! You´re so sweet <3

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