July 30, 2016

Why Every Success is “Just a Brick in the House”


The day I found out I was going to get my own talk show, Naturally Beautiful, changed my life. I remember walking down the street, calling my mom, and squealing/crying in the middle of midtown. I couldn’t contain my excitement and I felt like everything I ever wanted was coming true.

While my life did inevitably change and my dreams did come true, it wasn’t in the way I had anticipated. From the moment I left that meeting at Z Living, I believed that this was it. I mean, IT! The turning point in the my life that meant I had FINALLY made it.

But, it wasn’t until my show wrapped a couple of months later that I started to see a very different side of getting something I really wanted. You see, after my show I went through a bit of postpartum depression in my business. I was on such a high from the experience and assumed that I would always be on a high. That I would never come down. That since I made my dream come true, everything was set from here on out.

I was halfway right. Things got pretty amazing. I found a new level of confidence in my craft. I was given a ton more exposure which elevated my career. I became much more grounded in my passion. And I secured a level of credibly that I was nowhere close to before I filmed 40 episodes of my talk show.

But there were many ways my life stayed the same. And soon it became very clear that this epic dream come true was just one project that I completed. After it was done, I still had to go back to my everyday life. I wasn’t suddenly Oprah Winfrey like a part of me thought I would be.

This is something I hear a lot of fellow entrepreneurs talk about. Dealing with the ups and downs of making our dreams come true. At the time, I had a pivotal conversation with my friend Stephanie that stuck with me forever.

She said to me, “This was just a brick in the house.” She helped me see that each dream I fulfil is just one brick in the house of dreams I’m building for this life. This analogy really hit home for me because for one, it took the pressure off of each dream having to be the end all be all. It allowed me to manage my expectations when going into new projects. And it was a turning point because I learned that in order to reach continued success, I couldn’t call it quits after the completion of every big project. I had to keep going.

Can you relate?

The next time you’re pursuing your dreams and land an opportunity you’re so ecstatic about you can hardly believe it’s true–simply enjoy it, celebrate, bask in the gratitude you have for this achievement. And remember it’s a brick in the house. It’s a foundational piece in your whole journey in life, not the whole house.
Now I’d love to hear from you. Have you ever found yourself blown away by an opportunity only to be left feeling deflated after it’s over? I’d love to hear how you’ve coped in the comments below.

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  • Seema Khalil

    Hello! Nikita,
    The fear in us gives us the ability to be fearless, the weakness in us gives us the strength to be strong and the dream which has been crushed many a times gives us perseverance to make it a reality. This has been my philosophy in life and I feel happy that I came across your blog. A lovely girl, who has overcome numerous challenges to shine and conquer it all.
    Take care of yourself,
    Seema Khalil.

    • Nitika

      Your words are so sweet – thank you Seema! Sending you lots of love xxx

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