Welcome, my love!

Question for you…

Has life been feeling a little “stuck”?

It could be that…

♥  You have no idea what your purpose is and your job is super unfulfilling

♥ You don’t feel like you have soul sisters in your life and you’re lonely a lot of the time

♥ Or maybe your financial health isn’t where you want it to be which makes you feel limited

And this thing you can’t quite figure out is really messing with your vibe!

You want to feel happy, energized, and full of appreciation for every single day the moment you open your eyes in the morning.

You want to be surrounded by amazing, inspiring, genuine friends who lift you up instead of knock you down.

And you really want to deeply love yourself unconditionally so that you can feel confident in creating a life that lights you up.

But every time you see someone’s post on Instagram and see how amazing their life is, you just feel farther away from having what you really want.

And no matter what you do, you feel stuck in a cycle of the same problems, worries, and frustrations over and over again.

Does this sound like you?

I can help!

As a Self-Love Guru, Certified Life Coach, & Fellow Entrepreneur, I’ve been trained through education and experience on exactly how to inspire big shifts in emotional well-being and mindset–both of which are key to building a business and brand that you love

I too have experienced lots of stuckness in many areas of life. And I’ve developed practices that allow me to move through them with grace. Practices that allow me to cultivate self-love, clarity, and connection with the right people so that I can start seeing things with a more grounded, empowered perspective.

I’m talking real life, tangible tools that work. Not just feel-good fluff.


♥  Beautiful

♥  Confident

♥  Inspired

♥ Productive

♥  And most of all, On Purpose

Here’s how to get there.

For 5 weeks, you’re invited to join me at my place virtually, connect with other like-minded women, and get on the spot coaching from me in the Love Entourage Group Coaching Program!

    ♥         ♥         ♥         ♥         ♥         ♥         


7:30 pm – 9:30 pm EST Each week via live video meetings

Week 1: Monday, June 12th

This is My Confession: Together, we’ll have an intimate discussion of exactly where you’re at. In a way that will feel healing, will be thought provoking, and uncover the truth about what’s been festering in you up until this point. Yes, even the stuff that makes you cringe. I am committed to having you declare all of it, an important first step.

Week 2: Sunday, June 18th

Body Love. This week we are going to get honest about our relationship to our bodies.  What are the parts of ourselves that we can’t even imagine loving. Is there body forgiveness that we need to practice?  Let me guide you through body love, as it’s been one of the greatest teachers in my life. 

Week 3: Monday, June 26th

Money Love: For a long time, I never even knew that there was even such a thing!  But in this week we are going to work through your ability to feel worthy enough to have the money you’ve always dreamed of.  Learn what it means to respect your money and how to heal any stories you have around not having enough. 

Week 4: Wednesday, July 5th

Relationship Love: Oh yes, we are going there my loves.  Whether it is a romantic relationship, a close friendship or your most challenging family member, relationships can be intensely challenging.  This week, we are diving deep into what exactly you are feeling about the relationships in your life and supporting you to create healthy ones! 

Week 5: Monday, July 10th

WTF Is Self-Love: Although we will be talking about self-love throughout our entire program, this week we are going to get CLEAR on exactly how YOU are going to incorporate it into your life on a moment to moment basis. I am going to make sure that you are well equipped with everything you need to incorporate self-love into your daily routine – for LIFE! 


This is an open forum and completely safe space to share what’s holding you back from fully creating the business and brand that you so deeply wish to share with the world.

The Results

You With…

♥ Soul sister friendships you’ll have for life

♥ Video recordings of every session to use anytime you need a self-love boost

♥ A renewed sense of self that feels empowered and clear

♥ A tangible understanding of how to practice self-care and self-love

♥ A new vision and the actions steps for creating a life you love

♥ Invitation to a Private Facebook group to connect with other members of the Love Entourage

♥ My ongoing support because I love you!

Are you feeling called to join me?


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Here’s What Past Love Entourage Members Are Saying

unnamed“Nitika’s Love Entourage group coaching came at the perfect time. The goal of the program was to get you unstuck and back in alignment with your purpose. That’s exactly what it did for me and more! Nitika opened up her home (+ heart) where she created a sacred space to speak freely and openly each week. Her uplifting, calming energy always made me feel supported and provided the loving inspiration I needed to get back into my creative flow. She has a beautiful gift of getting to the core of an issue and is able to provide intuitively guided direction. She is the epitome of heart-centered!” ~ Christine Haz 
1622114_10153892124310523_774084486_n“I’ve been so fortunate to have met Nitika Chopra and join her Love Entourage group coaching program.  In the Love Entourage group, Nitika creates a safe space where everyone can express their personal journeys, challenges and life goals without judgement. Nitika’s passion to help others realize their great potential comes through as she guides the group with intuitive, soulful wisdom and advises each person with a deep sense of caring and truth.  The Love Entourage is also an amazing way to build community, everyone has a unique path and at the same time there are common themes that ring true for us all; the environment is so supportive and the group provides thoughtful insights for one another along the way. I encourage anyone who is seeking real personal growth and community to join the Love Entourage and/or work with Nitika, she is a bright light in this world and it is an extraordinary gift to experience her authentic spirit and heartfelt connection in life!” ~ Alexandra Christofor 
“I joined Nitika’s Love Entourage because I wanted to feel cherished and supported in a small, intimate community of women experiencing similar challenges in New York. I found warmth, understanding, community and support in this wonderful circle of women where my voice was heard. I could be myself, let go and surrender, ask for help, and express my vulnerability without shame. I deepened my own self-love and valued my feminine qualities in a new way. Thank you so much Nitika for holding sacred space for women to be themselves and share in a living environment!” ~ Zinnia Gupte

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