October 14, 2014

How To Ask For Exactly What You Want {PLUS How I Got On QVC}

There comes a time in our lives when we are faced with the a moment in time when we can either have the guts to totally go for what we want, or we can shy away.  In this weeks video I let you in on a personal story of how asking for what I wanted landed me a job on TV with a major skin care brand.  Plus give you the tools to ask for what you want in YOUR life.  Have a gorgeous week! xo

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  • Tamara

    This is awesome and congrats on the QVC/ Fresh job! Just this Friday I reached out to a contact at Health magazine to pitch an article. I have been “thinking” about doing this months and I finally just went for it!

    • Nitika Chopra

      OMG yessss Tamara – I just got so excited for you!! Remember that it’s not the “YES” to the asking that counts, it’s the fact that you totally put it out to the universe. Keep going for it – I am so proud of you!! Lots of love xoxo

  • Bianca Jade

    Love this video. Great advice and I really enjoyed hearing how your FRESH job came about. Love candid Nitika videos! Sending love, Bianca Jade

    • Nitika Chopra

      Bianca! Thank you so much – lovely to “see” you here!! Hope all is well xoxo

  • Stephanie

    Hi Nitika! Congratulations on your new job!! Your video truly spoke to me. I believe you when you say we can have what we want just by asking for it. I’m realizing that many of the issues I’ve had career-wise have come from a lack of clarity. Well, after doing some deep soul searching, I’ve re-discovered my love for dancing, singing, and I’m also a life coach because i have a strong desire to help women realize their power. The problem is I’m equally passionate about coaching, singing, and dancing. Am I diluting my power of focus by having my hands into too many baskets?

    • Nitika Chopra

      Stephanie!! Thanks for asking – this is SUCH a good question…I might have to do a video about it soon 😉 But until then this is what I would say, it is a little bit of YES/NO. I created Bella Life by taking the three things that I love the MOST and putting them all in to one outlet. So for you, it seems like you have a total love for expression/performance + supporting others in fulfilling their dreams. These are both parts of your truth, your essence. So how can you find a way to mold all of these things in to ONE powerful practice? You don’t have to let go of the things you love, you just have to bring them together to have a stronger focus, versus breaking them up. Does that make sense?

      If you need a little more guidance, I did a video on this topic last year that might help. You can check it out here: http://yourbellalife.com/access-your-dream-career-today

      Good luck Beauty!! You got this!! xo

  • Nicole

    Just love this video so much! You’ve inspired me to ask for a couple of things this week that I’ve been hesitating on! Love ya girl! xoxo

    • Nitika Chopra

      Woo hoo!! So glad to hear that Nicole!! Love you lots xoxo

  • Kalpita

    Hey Niti!!Loving your video`s especially because they so authentic! I actually started my very own first blog spontaneously because for a really long time i was so clear but doubtful and one night,literally at midnight i was like “lets just do this” ..so while i was still unsure i was typing my url and i kinda typed incorrectly and got the name gia instead of GIB (granny in a bottle) so i googled the meaning and bam!it all made sense and truly when u ask you receive so hell to the yeah to keep asking and receiving… Like you`ve mentioned,its not always about getting the yes but rather asking SO YEAH LETS DO THIS AND ROCK EM QVC!!! LOVE YA! by the way,may i share your videos and content on my blog?

    • Nitika Chopra

      Thanks so much Kalpita!! LOVE your enthusiasm and your willingness to say let’s GO! 🙂

      Yes you may share my content, just please use the original link from YouTube (linked at the top of the video player) and credit the source. Thanks so much for sharing, beauty! xo

  • Kalpita

    Thank you so so so much Niti! Please check it out , i have credited the source but if you need me to make any reference changes let me know!
    Loved sharing it! much love! mwa

  • Kalpita

    i have share it on


    • Nitika Chopra

      Wonderful – keep shinning beauty!! xo

  • Shilpa

    Thanks for sharing this Nitika! It can be so scary to ask for what you want. Glad that you were a go-getter and circumstances played out in your favor. It can be easy to become stagnant in one’s work, but it looks as though you are still pushing yourself and expanding your boundaries. Fabulous 🙂

    • Nitika Chopra

      So true Shilpa! Glad you enjoyed watching the video!! xo

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