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Are You Ready To Support Your Body, Mind and Entire Life With The Use Of Healing Essential Oils? Watch This Video With My Soul Sisters And I To Learn More!

Over the past several years I have been feeling pulled towards the magic of essential oils. My heart has been drawn to the soothing scent of lavender, the uplifting elements of lemon, or the focused energy I get from peppermint. I have used oils for everything from calming my anxiety to healing a headache and grounding my whole body when my chronic illness feels overwhelming. I have even gotten members of my family to start using oils instead of cleaning products or perfumes and the results have been so inspiring. 

That’s why, when I got the opportunity to share essential oils on a big level with an incredible group of my friends, I knew I couldn’t pass it up and I have been so excited to share it with you!

You are going to fall in love with this lifestyle shift. For starters, you’ll love the epic health benefits…

dōTERRA makes it a cinch to to take control of what you put IN and ON your body, empowering you to take control of your health, skyrocket your energy levels and create exceptional wellness.

The list of health benefits wrapped up in these aromatic compounds is lengthy, impressive, and backed by science.

From glowing skin, to deeper sleep, higher energy, enhanced memory, laser focus, effortless weight loss, digestive harmony, bulletproof immunity, emotional support… all of these (and so much more) can be supported by these oils, which are bottled with love and the utmost integrity by dōTERRA.

Then there’s the remarkable benefits for your loved ones..

As a parent, there’s no question: you want what’s best for your child. As a romantic partner, you want nothing more than vibrant health for your loved one.

So it’s heartbreaking to learn about all the chemicals our kids and spouses encounter just by walking around the house or heading off to school or work each day.

If you want to scare yourself silly, check out the long list of toxins and preservatives in the laundry detergent you wash your loved ones’ clothes with!

Or in the standard snacks you available to buy from the supermarket.

Or even in the conventional deodorant that might be in your bathroom cabinet… It’s horrifying.

With dōTERRA on hand though, you can breathe a sigh of relief — here’s an all-natural solution, that your loved ones will LOVE and actually enjoy using.

Put simply, if you aren’t willing to compromise when it comes to the health of yourself and those you love, you’re going to be want these oils in your home.

Then there’s the scent…

You’ve probably used essential oils before. But there’s something different about dōTERRA and I know I actually felt that right away. 

It’s hard to describe how good these oils smell, but if I had to pick one word, it would be ‘divine’.

When you first start using them, it’s kind of mind blowing… Somehow, their citrus oil is zestier than anything you’ve tried before, their peppermint livelier, their lavender fresher, while the frankincense practically bursts out of the bottle with vibrancy!

There’s no other way to say it: you can smell the quality. It’s next level.

And when you learn about dōTERRA’s harvesting and production methods, you start to understand why these oils smell so incredible.

And finally, you are going to LOVE the company itself..

Did you know that most so-called “essential oils”

contain fillers, synthetics, and other nasties?

It’s true.

The essential oils industry is remarkably unregulated…

leaving room for unscrupulous suppliers to take advantage of consumers by selling them substandard — and sometimes even downright toxic — products.

But not dōTERRA…

A company that walks its talk, dōTERRA saw the gaping hole in the market and stepped up

as leaders to create their very own industry-leading quality rating system.

Every single oil they produce — in fact every single batch of oil — is tested to ensure it complies with their rigorous quality compliance system. This level of purity and stringency is unheard of in the industry.

You can even look up each and every bottle online to see exactly

what you have in your hand, all third party independently tested and verified.

It’s why they’re the only company on the planet whose oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, and it’s why they’re the only brand you should trust.

My Love, I want to help you walk the Path to Wellness!

I’ve learned SO MUCH about these oils little by little in all years but I have teamed up with an incredible group of people who want you to learn as much as you possibly can about how to use the oils for your health, right now. 

That’s why, when you buy your first dōTERRA kit through me, I’m thrilled to offer you exclusive access to the Path To Wellness program at no extra cost.

(You read that right — it’s totally free! 🙌)

Path To Wellness is where you will be fully supported in incorporating these powerful plant extracts into your life in the healthiest way possible.

Think of it as an online membership and support portal that’s jam-packed with life-changing resources like some of these gems:

Delicious oil-infused recipes that are so freaking yummy and crazy magical that your friends and family won’t even realise they’re also insanely nutritious! (Includes cakes, dips, soups, salad dressings and my famous elixirs.)

How to make your own toxin-free cleaning spray so that your kitchen surfaces gleam (and smell amazing!)

How to get rid of mold the natural way, for a spotless shower and bathroom.

The epic natural beauty routine that will shrink your pores, enhance elasticity and make your skin glow.

The best oils for anti-aging, reducing inflammation and reversing disease

How to use oils to pamper yourself — hello goddess baths!

PLUS –The science behind why these oils are so effective. Because they don’t just smell divine… they’re proven to be some of the most powerful substances on the planet!

This is just a taster — there’s SO much more inside what we believe is the leading program for transforming your health by living the essential oils lifestyle and it’s all yours, completely free, when you sign up using my link.

But isn’t DoTerra a Network Marketing Company?

Yes! And we are damn proud to say so honestly! Think of it as collaboration at its very best.

If, one day, you want to explore that option, I have a special program to help you do that (it’s called Path To Freedom, and you automatically get free membership to it when you purchase through our link). But it’s completely optional. Most of our tribe simply use (and love!) the oils. And if that’s you, I couldn’t be more excited to show you how to get the most out of them.

Here’s how to get your hands on these powerful oils

(and get access to the Path To Wellness at no extra cost)

Step 1. Go To The Site and Enroll

For this first step, simply head on over to my link and follow the instructions below!

Click “Become a Member”

Select your language and country preference

Select which warehouse you would like your oils shipped from

Select Wholesale customer

Fill in your details

At enroller ID you share my ID# which is 6809496

Pick a kit that would best suit your needs

I personally love the  Nature’s Solutions Kit and the Home Essentials Kit with a Fractionated Coconut Oil 

If you want just a few oils – Add the Introductory Packet ($35) and the oils that resonate with you the most.

Enter your Credit Card details and process your order  

Once your payment processes, you’ll be asked if you would like to set up your ‘Loyalty Rewards Program’ order (LRP). This is an optional monthly order that allows you to slowly grow your oils collection overtime and build up a very generous bank of points to spend on free products. Activating your LRP allows you to create a healthier lifestyle, through improved wellness and reduced toxicity in your home.

And the best part of all? You decide what to order,

when to order, and you can cancel at any time… ANY TIME!

And for those of you interested in the business side of things,

setting up your Loyalty Rewards Program to meet a set minimum order

(100 points worth of product volume, or ‘100PV’)

will allow you to earn commissions, as well as points for free products.

(Don’t worry, we explain what all this means — and how to get the most out of the loyalty program — inside Path to Wellness!)

If you enrolled with either the Family Essentials Kit or the Home Essentials Kit,

I recommend adding the Mood Management Kit to your LRP order next month. (So amazing!)

To activate your Loyalty Rewards Order:

Select a processing date. I recommend setting yours before the 15th of each month,

because then you’ll receive a FREE oil from dōTERRA if your order reaches 125PV or more.

Choose the oils or products you would like following month.

Enter your payment details one more time.

(Please note: your credit card will NOT be processed until the date you’ve selected.)

Step 3. When you enroll through my link,

You’ll qualify for Path to Wellness AND Path To Freedom at no extra cost. (Yay!) ↓

I will be able to see that you’ve purchased, and will send you your unique Path to Wellness login details.

(If you don’t hear from us within 1 business day, you can shoot me an email at and we will get you setup)

Step 4. Start playing with your oils!

I know you’ll fall for them, just like I did. You’ll find plenty of recipes and beautiful rituals in the Path to Wellness portal, as well as loads of ideas in our fortnightly ‘Oils Empowerment Sessions’.

And if that’s as far as you want to take your journey? Perfect!

You can keep on enjoying your oils, take advantage of the monthly offers from dōTERRA (if you wish), and enjoy some hefty discounts along the way. (There are no lock-in contracts, by the way.)

And if you ever decide to venture further, you can take the next step WHENEVER you like — Path to Freedom (your roadmap for building a successful dōTERRA biz of your own) will always be available to you. No pressure!

Step 5. Ready to create your Path to Freedom? 

If you find yourself OBSESSED with the healing properties of these oils, and want to start sharing them with others, it’s time to start creating your Path to Freedom! Dive into the member’s portal and start working your way through the trainings, workshops, checklists and more. You can also hang out with us in the private Facebook group and join us for our monthly group Momentum Sessions.

And from there? Well frankly, the world is your bliss ball!

Tick off the boxes, keep showing up, and watch in gratitude (and with no small amount of pinch-me astonishment!) as your business begins to truly thrive and blossom right before your eyes. 

I truly can’t wait to be on this beautiful journey with you towards better health, overall wellness and a deeper understanding of how to use our intuition to give our bodies exactly what they need. This essential oil party is just the start and I have so much more in store for us! If you have any questions about any of this please email and we will get you the support you need! 

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