September 1, 2019

Episode 2.01: Addressing Toxic Positivity with Eliz Martin

Eliz Martin Point of Pain Podcast Nitika Chopra

Hello loves.

I met Eliz Martin in the fall of 2018 at a dinner where we were both asked to speak about our health journeys, and I’ve admired her ever since. After I began following her on Instagram, I was even more blown away by her raw, unapologetic vulnerability and the way she shared about her health story.

Eliz was abruptly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis about seven years ago and she’s now a chronic disease and disability advocate. Her favorite way of advocating is sharing how to “live limitlessly even while limited.”

In this episode, Liz talks about her health journey and what it was like to receive that diagnosis in her early 20’s. We also talk about toxic positivity, the ways that we’ve both learned to work with our bodies’ limitations, the ways we’ve learned to lean on medications at times and then not, and so much more.

The Pain Points We Explore In This Episode:

  • Why Eliz says her Instagram is almost like her medical journal
  • How she transitioned from seeing her disease as a weakness to seeing it as her strength
  • The long-term affects of being diagnosed with M.S. within 24 hours of experiencing her first symptom
  • How Eliz fights back against her M.S. so that it doesn’t control all of her
  • What is toxic positivity?
  • What dating with M.S. was like for Eliz
  • The message she wants anyone who’s dating to hear
  • Why Eliz feels Chronicon is so important and what she’s looking forward to most about it
  • How Eliz found a balance between medication and holistic approaches
  • The importance of being your own patient advocate

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  • Shelley

    I love Eliz. When I was I was diagnosed with MS, I somehow found her and reached out to her. She was so sweet and embracing of me. I took her on my trip to Paris with me via a picture of her. I am trying to figure out how to copy this podcast on my website under resources as it resonates with everything I speak about as a counselor and life coach. I love this podcast episode so much!!! Thanks gals, Shelley

    • Nitika

      This is so sweet, how incredibly powerful Shelley!! I am so honored that this podcast resonated with you. I hope you come back to listen to our other episodes as well. Lots of love to you! xx

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