January 13, 2019

Episode 03: Being A Champion For Change With Jamira Burley

Jamira Burley

Hello loves.

Coming from a family where 12 of her 13 brothers were incarcerated, Jamira Burley’s advocacy is very personal. As the first of 16 children to graduate from high school and pursue higher education, she is a Temple University graduate.

Having worked for over six years in a Philadelphia school district as a Youth Development Coordinator, Jamira was recruited the city’s mayor to lead The City of Philadelphia Youth Commission; where she represented the interests of over 600,000 Philadelphia youths and worked to ensure youth voices were represented at every level of decision making.

Jamira has also managed the Gun Violence and Criminal Justice portfolios at Amnesty International USA; one of the first, and largest, human rights organizations in the world.

During the first few years of knowing Jamira, I found myself inspired by her before I even learned the depths of her journey and everything she has been through. It’s my hope that she inspires you as well.

The Pain Points We Explore In This Episode:

  • The last thing Jamira did to practice self-love
  • Why Jamira began to practice self-care in the first place
  • The why behind Jamira’s passion for being a champion for change
  • Jamira’s thoughts using the word “strength” when defining how people handle traumatic events
  • How Jamira was able to better her circumstances as she grew up
  • How grace and faith play a part in Jamira’s perspective of the world and the work she does
  • Jamira’s battle with trusting and understanding God’s plan after experiencing the passing of her brother and seeing all the devastating things happening in the world
  • Why being uncomfortable is important for experiencing breakthroughs and finding solutions
  • What keeps Jamira fighting for change in a world and system that makes it difficult to do so

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