May 12, 2019

Episode 20: Choosing to Love Your Body Instead of Punishing It with Chinae Alexander

Chinae Alexander Point of Pain Podcast Nitika Chopra

Hello loves.

Chinae Alexander is someone I follow religiously on Instagram; as do about 150,000 other people. She and I met at a mutual friend’s event years ago and have been in and out of each other’s lives ever since.

One of my favorite things about Chinae’s platform is that she talks about everything from eating pizza and not shaming yourself about it to owning your body and your curves to being an entrepreneur to empowering women in every way she possibly can.

Chinae’s content is the definition of vibrant. She is bold, full of color, and absolutely unapologetic about how she feels.

In this episode, Chinae and I talk about our non-traditional views on dating, what it’s like to feel uncomfortable in your body, being entrepreneurs, doing vulnerability patch tests, how we handle unsolicited advice from social media followers, our mutual love of podcasting, and so much more!

The Pain Points We Explore In This Episode:

  • How Chinae’s experience growing up in a “90’s fat-free household” started her complicated journey with her body
  • The negative impact Chinae’s focus on progress had on her relationship with her body, her dating life, and her business
  • The various ways Chinae is harder on herself when she doesn’t take care of her physical health
  • The talk Chinae has with herself to determine if she’s truly celebrating something or using it as an excuse to zone out
  • The reckoning Chinae experienced being a woman of color and growing up the child of an immigrant while the world saw her as a white woman
  • Chinae’s long and varied relationship with dating

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