January 27, 2019

Episode 05: Fighting for Social Justice with Michael Skolnik

Michael Skolnik Point of Pain Nitika Chopra

Hello loves.

The New York Times profiled Michael Skolnik as the man you go if you want to leverage the power of celebrity and the reach of digital media to soften the ground for social change. He is also the co-founder of The Soze Agency; a social impact agency that partners with companies, non-profits, foundations, and movements to create campaigns that uplift compassion, authenticity, and equity.

Michael is also a respected leader in the new social justice movement and has helped ignite conversations around America’s relationship with race and the impacts of the Trump presidency. With more than 300,000 followers, he’s a prolific voice on social media and a regular commentator for CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News.

I was blessed with having Michael’s help during what I consider to be the lowest point in my career and that experience dramatically shifted things for me. Thanks to Michael being the person he is, I’m far from the only person who’s received his support and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to this interview as much as I enjoyed recording it.

The Pain Points We Explore In This Episode:

  • The personal reasons Michael feels compelled to tackle racism in America as a white male
  • Michael’s challenge to those who’ve lived comfortable lives and haven’t been a minority
  • Why positivity and optimism aren’t enough to change social justice issues
  • How white people are taught by society as children to view minorities differently
  • How Michael approaches these incredibly difficult topics with his young son
  • Nitika’s story of how Michael helped her during the lowest point of her career
  • Michael’s experience helping a young woman with her future career that brings tears to his eyes
  • The self-care practices Michael implements to make sure he’s able to give to others without taking from himself

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