January 6, 2019

Episode 02: Finding a Balance Between Personal and Professional Happiness with Deepica Mutyala

Deepica Mutyala

Hello loves.

Deepica Mutyala is one of my greatest friends and soul sisters. With hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, she’s adored by people all over the world and I know you’re going to adore her as well.

Deepica includes a layer of truth in everything she shares on social media that can be difficult to find these days. She talks about mental health, her ups and downs with being an influencer, social media, and following her dreams, and how her family has been an anchor for her through the entire process.

In this episode, we’re going to discuss Deepica’s journey that includes building a platform that challenges societal norms of beauty and some of the personal and professional challenges she’s experienced along the way.

The Pain Points We Explore In This Episode:

  • What made Deepica begin to make self-care more of a priority
  • How Deepica knows what she needs in the moment and lets it guide her decisions
  • Why Deepica brings up mental health so often and what inspired her to start the conversation with her followers
  • How the lack of physical and ethnic diversity in the media negatively impacts how young girls see themselves
  • The contrast between what Deepica’s life and success looks like to the outside world and the reality of it
  • Why Deepica broke down in tears and took a month off from her career after finally achieving her dream of covering the red carpet at the Met Gala
  • What a 48-hour trip to Bali taught Deepica about her life
  • The pain point that inspired Deepica to start her online platform, Tinted
  • What Deepica is most excited about for the future of Tinted

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  • Aaliya

    Hi Nitika! We met many moons ago at an RG dinner and ran into each other a few times after that. I stumbled across your Instagram and saw your psoriasis photos and post. I was so so moved that you posted photos of yourself in a moment of such deep pain and vulnerability. I can’t remember if I told you, but I suffered from eczema for so many years as a kid and it was debilitating and awful. I’ve struggled with PCOS and acne for years (even a round of Accutane among the many other creams and lotions and drugs and haldi masks and all the other desi tips!) You are the first person I have seen to put a voice to chronic skin conditions that are so difficult and painful and I’m inspired by your courage and grace.

    Thank you thank you thank you.



    • Nitika

      Hi Aaliya!! I totally remember meeting you, how amazing to hear from you. Thank you SO much for your kind and thoughtful comment. What you wrote, it’s honestly the whole reason why I am trying to push past so much fear and discomfort to bring light to so many people who are pain daily. To give us a voice and help release some of the stigma and shame that comes from our challenges with our bodies and the pain in our lives. Thank you for being so willing to let me know what has been going on with you. I just couldn’t appreciate it more. Lots of love to you beautiful! xx

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