• Jamira Burley

    January 13, 2019

    Episode 03: Being A Champion For Change With Jamira Burley

    Jamira Burley has been a Youth Development Coordinator, the Executive Director for The City of Philadelphia Youth Commission, a portfolio manager for Amnesty International USA, and more. read more>
  • Deepica Mutyala

    January 6, 2019

    Episode 02: Finding a Balance Between Personal and Professional Happiness with Deepica Mutyala

    Deepica Mutyala is one of my greatest friends and soul sisters. With hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram, she’s adored by people all over the world and I know you’re going to adore her as well. read more>
  • January 6, 2019

    Episode 01: My Journey from Heartbreak and Pain to Radical Self-Love

    This first episode is the one I’ve been the most nervous about as I approached the official launch of this podcast. While I will be highlighting the journeys and stories of others on this show, I wanted to share my story with you first. Even though I’ve been blogging, Instagramming, and appearing on podcasts and television for the past ten years, I’ve never shared these stories publicly … until now. read more>
  • Point of Pain Podcast Nitika Chopra

    November 5, 2018

    Episode 00: An Introduction to The Point of Pain

    I’m so excited to be on this journey with you. I know this is just the beginning, but I have so much planned for our time together. Whether your pain is physical, emotional, entrepreneurial, or something entirely different, it’s my hope that this podcast will help nurture you through gaining a deeper understanding of those experiences. It’s time to stop numbing our pain and the journey starts here … with this introduction to The Point of Pain podcast. read more>
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