April 7, 2019

Episode 15: Self-Truth is the New Self-Love with Stacy London

Stacy London Point of Pain Podcast Nitika Chopra

Hello loves.

Prior to hosting TLC’s What Not to Wear, Stacy London started as a fashion editor at Vogue before transitioning to a career as a stylist for celebrities and designers and then moving into her ten-season stint on the hit tv show.

As a child, I watched Stacy on What Not to Wear and found myself enamored with her beauty and impressed by her charisma, bright spirit, and fashion sense. Little did I know that I would meet Stacy at a party many years later and end up calling her one of my dearest friends.

I’ve been wanting to have Stacy on the show since before I launched because there’s a part of her story that you might not know about and that’s her experience with having both Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis.

In this episode, Stacy and I discuss the funny moment when she called me by the wrong name during our first time meeting each other, her mission to help others realize they’re more than the one thing they think defines them, why we can’t solely focus on self-love and need to also include space to focus on our self-truth, the importance of being our own advocate with respect to the medical care we receive, her advice for those who feel unworthy of taking the time to dress the way they want or present themselves how they want, and so much more!

The Pain Points We Explore In This Episode:

  • Stacy’s struggle with allowing her brain to lie to her instead focusing on the truth of who she really is
  • Stacy’s traumatic experience of having Psoriasis at a young age that covered most of her body
  • The toll of suffering and the side effects of Psoriatic Arthritis during the height of What Not to Wear’s success took on her physical and emotional health
  • How Stacy learned to handle others who tried to dismiss her pain or tell her how she was feeling
  • How Stacey’s perspective on aging, especially in the public eye, has shifted

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