October 27, 2019

Episode 2.05: Shattering the Stigma Around Diabetes with Paloma Kemak

Paloma Kemak

Hello loves.

When I first found out about Paloma Kemak I was mesmerized and blown away by her ability to be fully honest with her audience, show how to thrive with a chronic condition, and also be raw and vulnerable in the moment when her condition is challenging.

Paloma is dealing with a life-threatening autoimmune condition that millions of people in the United States have and she will be one of the speakers at Chronicon this year. She was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes as an adult and it’s been her mission ever since to change the way people see diabetes.

In this episode, Paloma and I discuss her life as a Type I Diabetes patient while simultaneously having a career in the fashion industry and volunteering with diabetic organizations, the cost of care, why she traveled to another country to get her insulin, what it was like being married to someone who wasn’t up for the chronic illness journey, how she found the man that was right for her, our mutual love for positivity and keeping things super real and raw, and so much more!

The Pain Points We Explore In This Episode:

  • What it was like for Paloma to receive her diagnosis at the age of twenty-three
  • The infuriating reason Paloma traveled to Mexico to purchase the insulin she needs in order to live
  • The turning point when Paloma decided to be positive throughout her journey and use it to help others
  • How Paloma pulls herself through her dark days
  • Paloma’s experience on what it was like to date with diabetes
  • Paloma's struggles with feeling like she's a burden to her loved ones

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