September 15, 2019

Episode 2.02: The Purpose Behind the Pain with April Christina

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April Christina is a chronic illness advocate who focuses on endometriosis. She is also a New York City-based wellness and beauty vlogger. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science with a minor in Psychology in the hopes to pursue her goal of becoming a chemistry professor.

However, after being diagnosed with endometriosis in December 2010, her goal changed. She reevaluated what mattered most to her and she realized she wanted to spread her knowledge and life experiences with endometriosis. She decided to turn her pain into purpose by educating others about their health and, as a chronic illness advocate, she is now focused on promoting holistic approaches to the human body.

In 2019, April launched the Endo Brunch. This brunch was created for women and their supporters to have fun, meet other women with conditions like endometriosis, and to have access to information that can make them the healthiest person they can be.

In this episode, we talk about how our identity is not our illness, dating with a chronic illness, how doctors used her race to dismiss her medical concerns, the importance of loving yourself enough to be your own patient advocate, and so much more!

The Pain Points We Explore In This Episode:

  • April’s journey with endometriosis that began at the age of nine
  • The infuriating reason April believes her endometriosis went undiagnosed for nearly two decades
  • How April had to take her medical care into her own hands by firing her doctors
  • How April turned her pain into a higher purpose
  • What is was like for April to date with a chronic illness
  • Why it was important for April to own her life with a chronic illness but to realize it wasn’t her entire life
  • April’s journey of deciding whether or not have a child while having endometriosis

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