June 13, 2012

How To Increase Your Self-Care Daily

Nitika gives up the goods on how she makes self care a way of life! Watch and you’ll see her sharing her favorite products and self care tips.

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  • Alexia Vernon

    Make self-care a routine and not a band aid when something goes wrong…so well said!

  • Melissa Vandermeer

    Love your enthusiasm and the tip for the argan body conditioner. I’ve been looking for a new one so I’m off to find it online right NOW. Thank you! xo

  • Nitika Chopra

    Thanks so much Alexia!! And Melissa I am thrilled ou will be trying this lotion out, I LOVE it look forward to putting it on and letting my skin soak it up every night!!

    Love Always,

    Nitika <3

  • Selena Soo

    Self-care is my favorite topic! For me, the most important part of self-care is doing work you love & creating a lifestyle you love. As an entrepreneur, I do what I love every day, work great hours, and schedule in time for exercise 4X a week.

  • Meenakshi

    Thanks for the great tips! These are so workable and can give anyone an instant boost of energy and happiness. I have so many great moisturisers but I just dab it on without care. Will spend more time sprucing up! I like adding a slice of lemon or a cherry to my water just to make the experience prettier 🙂

  • Nitika Chopra

    Selena thank you so much for sharing, exercise is a BIG self care point I am working on adding in all the time, good for you in making it a habit!!

    Meenakshi I am so happy that this video gave you some cool ways to take extra good care of yourself! Taking a few minutes to indulge in a simple act like applying lotion will add a LOT to your day, promise. And love the idea of adding cherry to water, YUM!!

    Love Always,

    Nitika <3

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