You’re looking for an inspirational speaker. Someone who possesses a “realness” that has people engaged from the moment she says, “Hello” and smiles. Someone who lights up your audience, infuses the room with positive energy, and gets people motivated. You can feel the raw vulnerability in her storytelling, the feisty passion in her advice, and the sweet sincerity in her words.

I totally get it. Because that’s the kind of speaker I am.

When I’m on stage, I tell the truth. I speak from the heart. I get real. Because let’s be honest, life is messy and challenging. But it’s also so beautiful. I teach that beautiful and messy can co-exist when we practice radical self-love.

Radical self-love is when we choose to buy ourselves fresh flowers even though we don’t feel like walking 5 blocks to the nearest bodega. It’s when we take the time to soak in a long bath after a stressful day when we’d rather numb out watching TV. It’s little moments we choose to be extra kind to ourselves even though life is being, well, kind of a pain.

Whether I’m in front of an audience of 1500 young women trying to find their purpose, 100 corporate executives who are struggling to find work/life balance, or a small group that’s ready to be vulnerable after a serious life struggle, it’s my mission to show them what’s possible when they love themselves in the process.

Speaking my truth–being completely raw and open–is an invitation for others to be open and be brave too. To step into their power and to celebrate who they are.

How I Work

I will customize my talk based on the needs of your audience, employees, or community. I truly want to take care of them so they walk away feeling lighter, clearer, and ready to practice the self-care that’s necessary to feel empowered.

Topics I Specialize In
+ Self-love
+ Vulnerability
+ Authentic entrepreneurship
+ Building a heart-centered community
+ Gracefully managing life transitions

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Your brand inspires savvy, stylish women to embrace who they really are, live their best lives, and have a blast in the process. You want to share your amazing products with a wider audience of wellness and beauty influencers. And you’re looking for authentic, effective opportunities to do just that.

Look no further! As a woman on a mission to bring the very best skin care, healthy treats, and luxury experiences to my community of 50,000+ beauties, I’ll likely fall in love with your goods and want to shout it from the rooftops.

It’s a partner match made in heaven, isn’t it?

As a brand ambassador, I’m here to make sure your customers feel loved by you so they can go out and love themselves. It’s a beautiful thing that we can do together.

Partners Options

Event Sponsorship

For 5 years, I’ve been hosting networking and social gatherings for professional women in New York City. There’s delicious food, inspiring discussions, conscious connection, and of course, an incredible gift bag of goodies! As a sponsor, you’ll have the opportunity to receive elite recognition—from an on-camera interview with me, loads of social media love, an exclusive station to promote your products, and much more.

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Sponsored Blog Posts

I love sharing products and services that make me feel good with my readers, social media followers, and fans. However, I only promote what I personally adore. Please email me for consideration in an upcoming post or content collaboration.

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