November 19, 2016

Stressed About Overeating this Holiday Season? Read This.

With the temptation of all the stuffing, all the pies, and all things in between just a few days away, I thought we could use a friendly reminder on how to take care of ourselves at the Thanksgiving table!

There’s no better person to guide us through that than my dear friend Cassandra Bodzak. She’s the host of Eat with Intention TV, and you may also recognize her as the happy, healthy living guru from ABC’s The Taste. She’s the founder of the online mind-body-soul support community, and a global meditation and wellness teacher who instructs people on how to utilize the technologies of food, mindfulness, and self-care to make peace with their bodies and their plates.

I recently sat down with Cassandra and heard all about her new book, Eat With Intention which just came out on November 15th. She poured every bit of her heart and soul into this book and it shows, big time.

I loved it so much that I decided to do a video with her about it. This is not your traditional cookbook. You will not have to do a cleanse, eat kale every day, or eliminate an entire food group. Instead, you will learn the step-by-step process for eating with intention and put a stop to the never ending cycle of fad diets, constant exhaustion, and general unhappiness with your body and yourself.

I also thought this could be an amazing gift for someone special in your life! You can grab a copy for you or a loved one.

Remember, I absolutely LOVE hearing from you, so be sure to leave a comment below to let me know how you plan to eat with intention over the holidays. Love you!

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  • Colleen

    Hello Nitika,

    I love this reminder of being intentional with our eating over the holidays. A few things came to my mind while reading this post. One, I will get out that morning to go for a run to help set a healthy tone for the day. Two, I will eat as I normally do for breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving so I don’t arrive to the table starving. I’m also hosting at my house this year which gives me more control over what’s on the menu and I love that! And three, I will send home anything that l really don’t wish to indulge in after dinner that day. I remember hearing years ago to remember that it’s a holiday not a holimonth and to apply that to eating. Indulging in one meal is perfectly healthy as opposed to a non-stop food fest for 2 months! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving full of love and joy!


    • Nitika

      Omg yes yes Colleen I love this!!! All three ideas are awesome and I am totally going to steal some of them!! Thanks for your comment. Lots of love! xx

  • Michele

    What a great reminder! Thanks for this Nitika and Cassandra and have a Happy Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Nitika

      Thanks so much Michele!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! xx

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