March 10, 2010

Welcome To Nitika Chopra’s Love Entourage

Hello, my love! Thank you for signing up for my weekly love notes. Since you’re a new member of what I like to call the #LoveEntourage, you ALSO have access to my three secrets to creating a health routine that is fueled by compassion.

In the video below, I share my personal journey and how it helped me get crystal clear around taking care of myself and my body. I want you to have that same clarity, and I think these three things will be life-changing for you too.

So go ahead, watch, and tell me more about you (in the comments below). I want to know if you feel inspired to make a change, discovered something you never thought of before, or even have a tip of your own that would help our audience!


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  • Carol

    I am loving your website! I feel like there’s a very authentic energy that comes through, if that makes sense 🙂

    I look forward to seeing more of your posts!


    • Nitika

      That totally makes sense + I SO appreciate it!! Thanks so much Carol. Lots of love xoxo

  • Anja

    Oh, I can so connect on that constant helping. I did quite a lot of things through the years and then completely blocked when I was old enough to decide. (I’ve had eczema ever since I was a baby.) Only now that we have been trying for a baby for 3 years, I’m venturing into healthy food and lifestyle… but because I’m interested not because anybody tells me. Most people don’t want to understand this journey but I really don’t care.

    • Nitika

      I love this Anja – and yes I can see that you can totally relate. It’s such a unique perspective to have in this world because so many people don’t know what that’s like, but there are many powerful lessons within that. Sending you lots of love + you keep being YOU! xo

  • Bhavna

    Nitika i have a question. I was going through your website and was reading about you. Healing and affirmations didn’t really work on your skin conditions but medicines did. Does that mean you do not support and believe in alternate therapies. I am a Theta Healer hence your opinion matters

    • Nitika

      Hi Bhavna,

      Thanks so much for your question, it’s a good one! I absolutely 100% believe that natural and alternate therapies work. I believe in them with all of my heart. However, I also have seen in my own life, that some times people need both and some conditions really benefit from western medicine. I have seen that the combination of western medicine with alternative therapies has actually been ideal for me, every one is different and has their own path. Hope that is helpful! xoxo

  • Bianca-Rose

    I love your warm and inspiring spirit.
    The only thing I would say is that a “love entourage” is a a bit of luxury for some people. I wish I had people who could come to my doctor’s appointments with me. Unfortunately illness has left me very isolated, as I imagine it has a lot of people. Some of us are really out here on our own, what do we do?

    • Nitika

      Hi Bianca-Rose,

      Thank you so much for your comment, this is such a fair question and something I actually struggled with a TON in my own life. I found that finding even one hobby that I was physically able to embrace was hugely helpful and lead me to many other things which all brought tremendous community in to my life. I actually met most of my Love Entourage in a small group coaching program, at a time where I only had about 3 friends and was recently divorced and still dealing with my health on a very intense level. It was my willingness to pull myself out of isolation (I did that a lot too) and try even ONE thing that changed everything. I know everyone’s illness is different, but even when I was in my bed and not able to walk, I found a way and I know you can too. Even though it might seem impossible at times. I hope this is helpful and please know I totally empathize with where you are at and am sending you SO SO SO much love!!!! <3

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