March 13, 2012

How To Have More Patience

Do you find that you are lacking patience in certain areas of your life? Find out why that means you’re also lacking FAITH in Nitika Chopra’s latest Meditate On This video!

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  • Jennifer Warden

    Thanks so much for sharing, Nitika. The last few weeks have been plagued with anxiety and self-doubt as well, so your message absolutely resonated for me and I’m certain many others.

    Maybe I’ll consult the Astro-Twins! What is going on?? Anyway, my new mantra for the week?
    God has my back, God has my back. God has my back…

    Blessing to you, lovely lady.

  • Mishel

    Brilliant. I love that you’re sharing this. I too, am super color-coordinated & organized. And I too, freak out when things dont work on my watch.
    But yes…. Universe has my back. And your back. We’re so taken care of that we should totally just dance and laugh and call each other when things aren’t “going as we planned” just so we can remind each other that “everything is happening in perfect timing”

  • Jenysha

    How did you know this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear….. thank you so much.

  • Nitika Chopra

    Jennifer ~ So glad this video resonated with you!! You should TOTALLY consult the Astro-Twins, or you can consult our astro-queen Patrice Kamins who does our horoscopes at Good luck with the mantra this week!!

    Mishel ~ Beautiful job and so glad that you saw a bit of your own stuff in this as well. Keep up the great work beauty!!

    Jenysha ~ YAY! So excited it was helpful, thanks for watching <3

    Sending love to each of you!!



  • Angela

    Comment * Listen to this for the first time today and it’s exactly what I needed to hear …almost 2 years since you posted this. Thank you so much. Funny, I have that same quote by Gabby hanging on my computer screen as a daily reminder. LOVE!!

    • Nitika Chopra

      That’s so cool – thanks so much Angela!! I am so glad it helped even after all of these years 🙂

      Lots of love xo


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