10 Super Inspiring Instagram Accounts

June 13, 2015 Lifestyle

Instagram and I are having a serious love affair. Not only do I get giddy about posting my own self-love inspiration. But I also laugh out loud, feel uplifted, and stare in awe at the beautiful accounts I follow.

Here’s the thing. My Instagram feed is only made up of people that make me feel good. The last thing anyone of us needs is a feed full of negativity, or to see photos that trigger our “compare and despair” response. Choosing to keep it upbeat is a self-love practice in and of itself!

Here are my 10 favorite people to follow. I’m so serious when I say–they post the most gorgeous, happy, and sassy photos a girl could ever set eyes on.

Enjoy and if you want to add someone to the list, please do so in the comments below!

Simply put, Katie Wilcox is a total badass. She is refreshingly unapologetic about embracing her curves and calling out the haters. Somehow she achieves this with an incredibly loving tone. That’s what makes her so different and I respect that beyond words.


The Balanced Blonde: I recently discovered Jordan Younger; a 23 year old inspiration. You can feel her sincere positive energy through her photos. Her posts are super girly which–if you couldn’t tell already–is something I love!

article-2692973-1FA937F400000578-164_634x629-300x297Sophia Bush: With every Instagram post, Sophia redefines what it means to be a celebrity. She makes it very clear to all of her followers that having “fame” isn’t the end game. Being kind, thoughtful, and committed to changing the world is.


Happy Well Mag:  This Instagram feed truly embodies it’s name. Every time I look at one of their posts I feel infused with happy thoughts and start daydreaming about healthy treats.


Kris Carr: I’ve been obsessed with this woman forever. But my favorite thing about her Instagram is that it’s not about her, it’s about loving all of us. I feel her heart-felt authenticity and pure warmth in every single post.

Design Love Fest: Truth–I have wild fantasies about having my own home decor line that’s all about adding happiness to people’s homes. This is the feed I pull up whenever I want to get inspired and remind myself  that having a happy home is uber important.

Well & Good: I was a fan of this amazing online mag long before the founders (Co-Founder Melisse Gelula is gorgeous in the blue tank below) were guests on my talk show. But since then, I’ve seen their following grow tremendously–no surprise there! The content they put out is not only on trend and educational, but it always comes with a side of sass.


Women for One: Who doesn’t love a good quote? This is my go-to account for sharing a heart centered message of inspiration with all of you.


Chrissy Teigen: OMG, this woman is cray in the best way possible! She could not be more beautiful or more unafraid of looking insane at the same time. Something about that is totally liberating. Side note: I shared a cab w/ John Legend once (her husband) and he sang to me. So I’m kind of obsessed with the two of them on her feed.


100 Layer Cake: I’m gonna let you in on a little secret: I spend more time looking at wedding decor than I care to admit. Mind you, I’m not in a committed relationship, nor do I plan on getting married anytime soon. But wow, this is the ultimate account to scroll through for wedding inspiration.


Hopefully, you’ve fallen in love with at least one of these amazing Instagrammers. May your feed be filled with happy, healthy, gorgeous images that inspire you. Have a favorite Instagram account that you follow?  I want to know about it! Leave a comment below with your go-to Insta account so we can all be inspired!

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Thank you for reading.

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