3 Ways to Set Yourself Up for Social Success this Summer

June 5, 2016 Lifestyle

Summer is here and everyone’s social calendar is filling up fast. Friends are booking vacations with their boyfriends, families are scheduling outdoor picnics and barbecues, and everyone is trekking out east or down south to get in some good beach time.

If you’re someone who tends to leave your summer plans up in the air, you may feel like everyone in your life is leaving you in the dust and a calendar that’s more open than you’d like. As a single woman living in NYC who is used to a full social calendar, neglecting to make summer plans can feel a bit lonely.

I’ve learned that this is not healthy for me and it’s also completely unnecessary. Can you relate at all? If this is something you’ve come up against before, let’s change that this summer.

  1. Create your summer adventure list. Think about all of the things you’ve always wanted to do during the summer. Like spending a weekend in Montauk or watching a movie in the park. Make a full list of experiences you want to have so that you always have something to choose from.
  2. Invite your friends along. Adventures are always more fun with friends. Once you’ve gotten your list set, shoot an email to your crew and see who wants to join you. It will feel empowering to get your besties involved.
  3. Start booking up your calendar. Now that you’ve drummed up some interest in your summer adventures, start booking them in your calendar. Before you know it, the rest of June, July, and August will be teeming with juicy, fun experiences that you’ll have to look forward to.

Taking the reigns on your summer plans will make you feel way more in control of how you spend your time, and you’ll find that your loved ones are even more excited to join you. Remember that every moment is a chance to turn things around, so even though summer is underway, the next couple of months can be unforgettable.

Now I’d love to hear from you. What is your summer social calendar usually like? Is filling it up something you’ve struggled with? Or if you’re a summer planning master, what are your secrets? Please share all about it in the comments below.

P.S. I have a great summer adventure for you. My dear friends Ali and Michelle are hosting yet another epic weekend at camp, Soul Camp that is. Join me and dozens of other amazing instructors and teachers for the the most fun, life-transforming and game-changing sleepaway camp ever.

Thank you for reading.

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