4 First Steps to Creating the Best Vision Board Ever

December 4, 2016 Lifestyle

Whether it’s right here on this blog, at an event, or on social media, I like to talk about vision boards. A lot. I have been using them as a tool for self-expression and success for a very long time, and my passion for them has always been something I have shouted from the rooftops.

After leading several vision board workshops at Soul Camp over the last two years, I knew I needed to take all the tools that I had learned and bring them to more people. That’s why I created my first ever product all about “How To Create An Epic Vision Board”. Complete with videos, clear action steps, and even your very own image gallery curated by yours truly.

You can access that here to get started right away.

I am certainly not the first, the last, or the only one to talk about the power of vision boards. The idea of creating a vision board isn’t necessarily new. The question is… is there a right or wrong way to go about making one? The answer is yes.

Let me explain.

While it’s great to have a vision board, the secret to manifesting anything includes more than just the physical representation. Any book about the Law of Attraction will tell you that in order to attract what you truly want, you must see it, you must feel it, and you must embody it.

Just having one of these components complete (a.k.a. the vision sans the feeling or the embodying) lessens your ability to manifest effectively. That’s why a daily visual representation of what you want to call into your life, something that evokes emotion and remains top of mind, is so important.

To make sure you’re ready for 2017, I’ve provided the first four steps to making a vision board that fully supports you in manifesting your dreams below. The remaining steps, along with my exclusive videos and image gallery, are in the How to Create an Epic Vision Board program. Click here to access it.

Step 1: Make a list of the areas of your life that are most important to you. Maybe you’ve been daydreaming about the perfect partner or a big paycheck or even an exotic vacation. Light a candle and take some space for you to tune in and clarify what you really want–include all of the juicy details. You may want to start with stream of consciousness writing just to get your initial thoughts out, and then identify the stuff that really lights you up.

Step 2: Grab 4-5 magazines that you love or head over to Pinterest. Look at your list and notice the themes that are showing up–you want a visual representation of them on your board. If you want to be a nutrition coach, grab Women’s Health magazine. If you want to be a beauty expert, grab New Beauty magazine. Or if you want to call in more abundance, Forbes magazine might work for you. Now, go through and cut out any colors, shapes, words, or people that inspire you. Don’t overthink it, just go with your gut and have fun.

Step 3: Map out your images on your board. Do this before taping, pasting, or tacking anything! One thing to note is that your vision board can either be completely filled up or have lots of empty space. Either way is totally fine! Allow that empty space to inspire you, knowing that as you go about your year, you’ll continue to uncover even more dreams and be able to tack them on your board.

Step 4: Make your board visible. Some people like to make their vision board small to keep it at work. Others have it next to the mirror in the bathroom so they see it when they brush their teeth. For me, seeing it on my wall right before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning is the best.

Bonus Step: Feel it and be it. Now that you’ve tapped into what you really want and can see it everyday, allow yourself to meditate on these visions by consistently imagining them as real. The more excited you get about what you want to create, the more likely you’ll be to attract it into your life.

I am wishing each of you the most epic 2017 ever and I hope this gets you in the perfect mindset to start manifesting. To go even deeper, download How To Create An Epic Vision Board and let me guide you every step of the way.

Now I want to hear from you! Have you ever created a vision board? If so, how was it and what did you get out of it? If not, let me know if you have questions, I am here to help. Love you so much!

Thank you for reading.

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