How Essential Oils Can Help Support Your Chronic Illness Journey

January 17, 2018 Health

After being diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 10, there has always been a part of me that has loved the winter. Winter meant I got to wear long sleeves and pants without anyone noticing my skin. While that was a major plus, winter also meant being indoors more, seeing less sunshine, and fewer social activities with my friends. While a huge part of me was relieved to be able to hide a little more, I also found myself feeling more lonely and isolated.

Since getting older, I have seen that some form of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — or just having lower energy in the winter compared to the summer — is common for many people, whether or not they have a chronic illness. Something else I’ve discovered? People who have a chronic illness tend to be more sensitive to this phenomenon. This, I posit, is largely due to the fact that they’re always having to push through the pain and struggles of managing their daily symptoms. I recently wrote a blog for my friends over at Healthline where I go further in depth with my psoriasis journey and give you four essential oils to help support YOUR chronic illness journey.

Hop on over to their site and read the blog here.

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