August 22, 2015

My 4 Favorite Wellness Warriors

Wellness Warriors

The term “wellness warrior” points to someone that inspires others to think better, eat better, and live better. And they’ve made it their life’s work to make a difference in the world.

Most of us have a few favorites we look up to, follow on Instagram, and trust to give us great advice. However, looking to the same people and places over and over again for inspiration doesn’t always expand our perspectives and keep us growing.

Just like we switch up our workout routines and diets, it’s also a great idea to switch up who you follow for wellness guidance and tips.

I’ve got a million people I could recommend to you, but today I want to introduce you to 4 women who are seriously warming my heart right now.

1. Kris Carr: This lady is the embodiment of what it means to be a wellness warrior. Not only has she been living with cancer for over 10 years, but she’s taken her health journey and used it to make the world a better place. (Truly, I can say that about every woman on this list). The authenticity that radiates through Kris’s work (from her books to her Instagram posts). I see her and how much she has been through and the depth of what she has suffered on the physical level and how she chooses to embrace the light every day. It’s a reflection of what I hope I’m being like. And witnessing her success with this gives me hope on my own journey in helping others.

2. Alisa Vitti: Alisa and I have been friends for many years, and she’s one of the first people that helped me break the traditional indian training I have in my mind, and start to embrace all of my lady parts. She’s a woman who makes wellness and healthy eating habits a pleasurable experience in every moment. She’s one of my favorite “no-ninjas” because she makes no apologies of taking the best care of herself–I find that downright impressive. What she’s been able to do with Flo Living has transformed the way thousands of women all over the world experience their hormones, fertility, and menstrual cycle. It’s a powerful gift that she’s given to the world.

3. Jennifer Racioppi: The first time I heard Jenn’s story–and every time I tell someone Jenn’s story–I start to tear up. She has been through a journey with her body that very few women ever have to experience. And she has done it with complete grace, magnificent strength, and deep wisdom. Her ability to support other women in their life journey through astrology and lunar cycles is not only fascinating but a completely healing experience if you’re lucky enough to work with her.

4. Barbara Close: This is the woman behind one of my all-time favorite skincare lines: Naturopathica. I became obsessed with her products before I was lucky enough to meet her. Every time I tell someone I love Naturopathica products, I always follow it with the founder is sooooo brilliant. I have so much respect for her because she truly studied and researched the most healing combinations for beautiful, healthy glowing skin and created a whole line based on that. When you use her products, you can feel all of the healing energy she pours into everyone of them.

I could seriously go on and on with this list–there are so many amazing women doing amazing things. But the four women above are MUST-SEE, MUST-FOLLOW types if you don’t know them already.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. Do you have a wellness warrior that you’re obsessed with and look up to? Please share all about them in the comments below.

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  • Michele Morales

    Thanks for this list of heavy hitters Nitika! I felt so inspired just by reading the small paragraph you wrote about each one. So beautiful! I checked out their sites and right off the bat was hit with tons of wisdom. Good stuff! I can’t wait to delve deeper, hear more about their stories and get some fresh insights.

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