Ep 32:Navigating Self-Doubt: Helya Mohammadian’s Inspirational Journey to Creating Slick Chicks

September 24, 2023
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Hey there, beautiful souls! I am beyond thrilled to dive into today’s episode of Thriving Together. If you’ve ever found yourself in the trenches of a monotonous job that feels like a soul-sucking vortex, this one’s for you. Trust me, my loves, you are absolutely not alone on this journey. If you’re ready to reclaim your passion and make a meaningful impact then be sure to listen to this week’s episode. Let’s journey together toward a place of empowerment, connection, and unshakable fulfillment. I’m so excited to share this conversation with the beautiful Helya Mohammadian!

Helya Mohammadian is the CEO and Founder of Slick Chicks, a female-founded and run social impact company that makes accessible undergarments and apparel for people with disabilities, limited mobility, chronic pain, the aging population, and people with various physical challenges or post-operative needs.

“Don’t give up. It literally is right around the corner”. – Helya

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The Topics We Explore In This Episode

  • Target and overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome, equipping you with an armory of mental strength strategies.
  • Navigate the transition into mission-oriented work, igniting your passion and enhancing your impact.
  • Learn how positivity and nurturing networks can revolutionize your personal and professional journey.

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