August 28, 2013

Postpartum Depression In Your Business


You know when you have a super busy + amazing time in your life or business and it’s followed by a total SLOW period?! In this new video I share how the ups and downs of filming my talk show really taught me how to handle the calm after the storm and embrace it as a positive thing.

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  • Sabrina at MyMiBoSo

    Oh I love this, Nitika! Summer – and in my case the summer HEAT – have drained me a bit of that creative energy…but I trusted the Universe had something in store for me, and even though I can still feel the summer heat, it’s now infusing me with more credible energy and a clearer direction than before!

    Thanks for this timely post – looking forward to the fall fun!

    • Nitika Chopra

      That is awesome Sabrina, I know how challenging it can be when we feel drained and uninspired. Proud of you for sticking with it and having faith Beauty!!



  • Ana

    Great post Nitika. It can happen in all our businesses.

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