10 Gifts That Will Sweep Mom Off Her Feet

April 25, 2015 Beauty, Lifestyle, Relationships

We’ve all heard the saying, it’s the thought that counts. And in my life, the person who has said that to me most is my mom. Of course, that doesn’t mean she wants a random, last minute gift. She absolutely adores being spoiled from time to time, although she will likely not admit it!

Since Mother’s Day is right around the corner, I scoured the interwebs, my fave boutiques, and even my own beauty closet to find the very best treats for our amazing mothers. Below you’ll find a curated collection of beautiful items, all for the main woman in your life. Click on the pink links to grab her something she will always treasure.


FreshFor the Traveling Mom

SJ Travel Case ($$): I was gifted this exact one in a different pattern years ago and I absolutely love how they take the most boring travel essential and make it a feast for the eyes. Any woman would be psyched to tote one of these! (Pictured above)

Sugar Lip Gloss ($): Fresh is a brand I have loved working with professionally but have also been a fan of for over 13 years. This new Sugar Lip Treatment, Rose Extreme, is a delicious and dewy sheer pink.  Perfect for the mom who is always on the go – she won’t even need a mirror to apply it. Warning: she’s probably going to ask you for more once she’s used it all.


For the Chic & Stylish Mom

IMG_1002BOXFOX ($$): I am obsessed with this company my cousin Sabena co-founded because I am always stressing about gift-giving and they make it so easy! Instead of collecting goodies to gift on your own, they do all of the guess work for you. The result? A super easy gift for your mom that’s both gorgeous and feminine. Plus, it feels like a surprise when you open the box. The BOXFOX Mother’s Day Collection is comprised of two boxes, INDULGE & PAMPER.

Satya Twena Hats ($$$): My dear friend Satya bought the last hat factory in Manhattan last year and is currently taking over the hat industry one head at a time.  I got my mom one of these hats and she’s in love with hers.  You can either have a custom hat made for mom or you can choose one of the many styles that have been worn by various celebrities (think, Jessica Biel!) on their website.


For the Hostess with the Mostest Mom

UnknownPlenty Cookbook ($$): Whether your mom is a vegetarian or not, she’s going to fall in love with these mouthwatering, healthy veggie recipes. I have friends that swear by this cookbook, so if your mom loves to whip up new dishes, this is the ultimate for her!

BloomNation ($$): What Mother’s Day wouldn’t be complete without an arrangement of beautiful, seasonal flowers. BloomNation, known as the Etsy for flowers (thanks to Forbes), not only has an unbelievable selection of buds, but they ship in almost every major city in the US, same day as your order. So you’re covered! Plus, they will send you a photo of your bouquet before it goes out for delivery.


For the Mom with a Spiritual Side

236Gorgeous for Good ($): NY Times best selling author, Sophie Uliano, has been featured on Oprah and is great friends with Julia Roberts so if I feel if she’s good enough for them she’s good enough for mom. Her informative book offers a fresh look at beauty and aging; taking a middle ground between natural and traditional treatments to aging gracefully. (Pictured above)

Modern Ritual NYC Candle ($$): My friend Valerie founded this super hip candle company in 2014 with the intention of bringing light and peace through her products. The crystals at the top of each candle are infused with reiki, healing sound vibrations, and powerful kundalini mantras.

 Gem Stone Organics ($$): I discovered this awesome skincare brand at an event with Organic Spa Magazine, and instantly fell in love with the fact that they infuse gemstone essences into each and every product. Adding this special something brings a healing energy and power to skincare and you feel truly nourished with every application.  (Pictured above)


For the Mom who Has Everything

Mason jar of love notes: There’s nothing more powerful than telling your mom how much you love, admire, and appreciate her. Cut 30-50 1 inch by 6 inch strips of wrapping paper, and write one thing you love about her on each one. Fold them in half and put them in a fun jar. She will melt as she reads them throughout the year!

Love coupon for visits, calls, or hugs: Does your mom complain that you don’t call enough, show her enough love, or give her enough hugs? You owe her big time! Get creative and give her something she always asks for with a lifetime coupon of sorts for hugs, cooking, or calling home at least once a week.

Featured Photo: Blair Badenhop

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