10 Things I Love About My Mom

May 8, 2016 Relationships

Happy Mother’s day to all the moms and moms-to-be out there!

Although, I’m not a mother myself, I’ve learned a tremendous amount from my beautiful mom. And today, I want to share ten reasons why I love her so much in the hopes of inspiring you to share why you love yours. Because I think it’s pretty safe to say every single mom wants to feel loved and appreciated by her children. So, why not tell her how much?

Here’s my love list to momma Chopra.

  1. She has always made it incredibly clear how much she adores me.
  2. She is the glue that keeps our whole family together and she makes it seem effortless.
  3. She’s my best friend and whenever I’ve hit rock bottom and have exhausted all of my friends with my troubles, my mom is the one person who never tires of showing up for me.
  4. She is up for almost anything; she’s traveled the world and anytime you want to go on an adventure, she’s filled with ideas and ready to go.
  5. She’s fierce when it comes to finances, even though my dad is a CFO, my mom has really been the one to teach me how to manage my money in day to day life. She hates wasting money and has taught me to bargain like the true Indian woman I am.
  6. She’s absolutely beautiful, I know that’s cliche, but she really is. She looks a good 10 years younger than she actually is and never wears makeup because she doesn’t need it. I love that about her.
  7. She instilled in me the power of going makeup free. When my friends were playing with makeup in high school, my mom taught me that letting your skin breath is super important and will preserve your skin’s natural beauty over time. She always complimented me when I had no makeup on and said she loved me best like that.
  8. She has always been my number one nurse, even though we wish the circumstances were different. Through the most heartbreaking and painful moments with my body, my mom always shows up. Whether she was changing my bed sheets on a daily basis when I was a child because my skin would bleed in the middle of the night, or flying from Hong Kong when I first came to NY because I was having trouble walking. She never misses a beat when it comes to my health.
  9. She has totally embraced my entrepreneur, super-spiritual, life coach-y approach to life even though it hasn’t always been easy. In the beginning, I might as well have been from another planet. But she’s really made a commitment to understanding me and where I’m coming from in a way that makes me feel loved and respected by her on a whole other level.
  10. She calls me Pataki which means firecracker in Hindi and has always had a love/hate relationship with how outspoken and bold I’ve been since birth. But it kind of feels like our own special inside knowing.

Are you teary eyed yet? Because I started tearing up while writing this. It’s so easy to pick on the people that we love and feel disappointed by them not fulfilling all of our expectations. But it’s our duty to let them know how amazing they are and not take their love for granted.

Anything you want to declare about your mom in the comments below? Or are you a mom feeling like you want to acknowledge yourself for something you’re doing really right? I want to hear all about it.

Thank you for reading.

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