December 6, 2015

3 Practices to Keep You Grounded this Holiday Season

Practices to Keep You Grounded this Holiday

Although we’re supposed to be all merry and joyful during the holiday season, this time of year can be hectic, stressful, and lonely.  We’re reminded of people we miss, the lack of money in our bank accounts, or the personal and professional goals we have yet to reach!

So today, I want to help all of you manage the not-so-great emotions that tend to creep up between now and New Year’s Eve with some essential self-care tips and resources. Because it is super important to take a little extra care of yourselves while going through this crazy season.


We all know mindset has a lot to do with how good or bad we feel. If overwhelm is taking over your brain, it’s time to create some space and calm with meditation. Here are two ladies who are masters at getting you there.

Cassandra Bodzak’s Peace Meditation
You know those people who always seem calm, cool, and collected? That’s my friend Cassandra. If you want some of that in your life, try her peace meditation so that you’re able to embody this energy all season long.

BexLife’s Drama Meditation 
For most people I know, having one child seems overwhelming. Try having 5. My friend Bex not only runs a super successful business, has a love-filled relationship and 5 kids (yes, five), she also leaves the drama out of it. If family drama becomes too much for you this holiday season, or even if you’re just afraid it might, her drama meditation is just what you need to keeps wits about you.


Exercise isn’t always fun. That’s coming from someone who pretty much hates it. However, if you want a mood boost and a clearer mind, you’ve got to get into your body. Here are two workout routines I always go to when I’m in a funk.

ClassPass: If you’re like me and hate doing the same workout over and over, joining ClassPass is kinda the best idea ever. Not only do you have a ton of variety at your fingertips, but working out becomes a grand adventure.

Take 20: Sometimes we underestimate the power of taking a timeout. While most of us are well beyond the years of being forced to take a break, we can opt for one ourselves when things get to be too hectic. The next time you’re feeling funky, give yourself 20 minutes of walking in silence to clear your thoughts or bring along your favorite music to raise your vibration.


I say this all of the time, but a grateful heart inspires a happy outlook. By taking stock of the things in life you’re grateful for, you will not only feel incredibly lucky, but you’ll also see your life from the best possible perspective and be able to enjoy it fully. Here are two practices to get you there.

Journaling: Journaling about what you’re grateful for is uber important. If you don’t know where to start, take your journal or even a piece of paper at the end of each night and list out 3-5 things that you appreciate about yourself and your life before you go to sleep.

Write gratitude cards: Most people write holiday cards this time of year and although those are great, they tend to be impersonal. Instead, think about writing gratitude cards to the people that you’re most grateful for. This is a powerful practice, the more you give love, the more you feel it throughout your life and have the capacity to receive it as well.

Trust me when I say these tips will transform the way you feel and think this holiday season. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below about how you stay grounded during the holidays. What are you favorite practices? If you don’t always know what to do to stay grounded, which one of the tips above are you going to try?

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  • Elizabeth

    I’ve been doing the gratitude journal and it’s life changing. Love the idea of the gratitude cards! Thanks for the beautiful ideas

    • Nitika

      YES! Truly life changing. Keep up the great work Elizabeth!! xx

  • Michele Morales

    Such a great post. The two things that stuck with me mostly are move and gratitude. It’s gotten harder in the past few months to consistently MOVE my body. But when I do, it really makes the world of difference mentally. Gotta do more of that!

    I absolutely love the idea of the gratitude cards. It’s such a beautiful twist on the traditional holiday card. Thanks so much Nitika!

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