September 15, 2018

5 Beauty Essentials to Revive Your End-of-Summer Skin

Summer can be such a fun season! And as someone living with psoriasis, I also love some of the benefits that safe sun exposure can bestow.

But as casual and carefree as the season is, it requires special attention to your skin — especially in the wake of too much greasy sunscreen, sweat, chlorine, humidity, and margaritas.

The last few sun-soaked weeks of the summer are the perfect time to change up your beauty routine with a few products designed to revive, rehydrate, and extend your summer glow.

I recently shared my favorite, tried-and-true products — from my go-to sunscreen (so important!) to the mask that will help you radiate like the ray of sunshine you are. Hop on over to and see what products are at the top of my list.

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