5 Things I Learned at a Dinner Party Devoted to Self-Love

October 17, 2018 Career, Lifestyle

I recently had the pleasure of hosting a dinner party in New York City along with Healthline, who I’ve written for many times on issues of everything — from psoriasis to choosing not to have children.

On the guest list: some of the most inspiring people I know.

It’s part of the ‘Chronic Self-Love’ dinner series, where we gather a group of influencers and brands for an evening of good food and honest talk about all things chronic illness and self-love.

When we began, I had no idea what these evenings would look like. I just knew I had to follow a burning desire to bring together amazing humans doing amazing things and connect all of them with brands who have the resources to support their work.

I feel strongly that we — especially those of us living with chronic illness — can be of service and be generous and still get everything we need to take care of ourselves. Want to see what magic unfolded at my last event? I thought so! Hop on over to Healthline.com and check out the blog I wrote for them with all of the beautiful details.

Thank you for reading.

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