5 Things I Need to Forgive Other People For

March 24, 2024 Relationships

I recently shared the different things I need to forgive myself for but forgiving others is just as important. Here are 5 things I learned to forgive others for

1 – Being sensitive, getting hurt, and holding others to standards that are a bit unreasonable, are patterns I have had for my entire life and I always felt very justified with how I felt when I thought other people weren’t showing up the way they needed to. I have had to learn to forgive others for not showing up the EXACT way I thought they should. This doesn’t mean I accept harmful behavior, but it does allow me to accept people for how they are and that allows for some profound peace on both sides.

2 – I have had to forgive others for not wanting the exact relationship that I did. So often I would want someone to be a bestie, when they wanted to be an acquaintance at best. Seeing these signs early and acknowledging this has been so helpful.

3 – For not wanting the same relationship with God or a higher power that I have. I must admit that this one was especially hard for the people that I love the most. I see God in people and to have someone close to me who doesn’t see God the way I do, oof that was hard for me for a while. Now I understand that my relationship with God is just that, MY relationship. The way other people feel or navigate that is none of my business.

4 – For not communicating the way that I want them to. This might have been the hardest one for me out of all of them because one of my biggest triggers has always been a lack of communication. I used to declare that like a badge of honor but I have realized that it was because I would take their communication (or lack of) personally. Once I realized on a cellular level that it wasn’t personal, I could move through my relationships with so much more forgiveness and joy.

5 – For not understanding my health fully. I can’t deny that it’s challenging when some of my closest friends brush past what I am navigating or lack a depth and empathy that I would so appreciate. However I have had to accept and forgive when people who I know do love me, just simply don’t have the tools to meet me there. Again, this isn’t about accepting harm, it’s about accepting someone as they are.

Now I want to hear from you! Which of these resonates the most? What would you add? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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