6 Ways to Love Yourself Up this Month

February 7, 2016 Lifestyle

I know we’re always talking about self-love on this blog. But this month, we’re kicking it up a notch and the whole world is joining us. To make sure you have a super sweet February, I wanted to give you a few reminders on how to take care of yourself when emotions might be running higher than usual, and there is a tendency to feel left out.

See below for some of my favorite resources from the blog over this past year for ways to love yourself no matter where you’re at.

  1. Fall in Love. This list was so fun to compile for all of you; it’s a great thing to turn to when you need a little self-love boost. 7 Ways to Fall Crazy in Love with Yourself.
  2. Eat Chocolate. Do we really need to give you a reason for this one? This month always comes with lots of sweets, so why not have them be guilt free. These are some of my favorites. The Most Delicious Guilt-Free Chocolate.
  3. Appreciate Your Body. I know for me loving my body has been one of the most challenging aspects of self-love. But once I finally felt relief in that area, I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Check out why I’d rather be happy than beat myself up. Would You Rather Be Skinny or Happy?
  4. Be Romantic. Oftentimes we feel if we don’t have that romantic relationship in our lives, we’re deficient in romance. This month, focus on making your friendships more romantic to bring it back in. Make Your Friendships More Romantic. Yes, Your Friendships.
  5. Find Peace in the Present Moment. Sometimes a lack of self-love comes from being super hard on ourselves. And that often happens when we are feeling impatient. Read one of the first blogs I ever wrote and learn about how this one quote changed my life. This Quote Changed My Life.
  6. Connect with Your Community. Allow yourself to be seen at my Self-Love Celebration this week in NYC!

Have any fun self-love resources you want us to know about? Share them in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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