A Vulnerable Conversation About My Health

July 24, 2016 Health, Videos/Podcast

Recently, I had the pleasure of connecting with Tara Mackey, the beautiful and amazing founder of blog. We had both been admiring each other’s work from afar for a while, and decided to schedule a phone date (she’s on the west coast and I’m on the east). Our conversation was incredible to say the least and we admitted there was a total girl crush situation happening between us.

As it turns out, Tara also struggled with psoriasis for most of her life. And as we began sharing our journeys with this painful skin condition, we realized there was a lot of amazing insight to be shared with others. So we decided to join forces and bring you a very candid conversation, so that you could discover the nitty gritty vulnerabilities and truths behind our journeys.

FYI — I share a few details that I haven’t shared before here.

We hope this video inspires you or is at the very least helpful for anyone experiencing something similar.

Take a peek at the video and be sure to join the conversation in the comments below. Have you ever struggled with a condition that made it difficult to live your life? Where you felt judged constantly? We have so been there and want to support you!

Thank you for reading.

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