October 7, 2013

Are People Stealing Your Dreams?

Watch Bella Life Founder, Nitika Chopra on a common topic when working towards your careers goals; compare and despair. Know that you are on the right path when others around you achieve similar goals! Watch the wisdom unfold here!

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  • nakeia

    This is similar to the subject of my next video! How timely 😉

    I was so in the place for longer than I would like to admit! Your honesty about the space you were once in has helped me even more. There is always enough awesomeness to go around. And, I believe that each of us have been assigned a specific gift that will touch the heart of a specific person.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    • Nitika Chopra

      Love this Nakeia and so proud of you for moving through this conversation. It can be really persistent!! Great work Beauty.



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