Bring A New Dimension To GRATITUDE

November 23, 2011 Health

I know this week you are probably getting lots of gratitude emails from all of your favorite newsletters, but I invite you to read this newsletter and awaken an even deeper dimension of gratitude.  Sure you can think about your life and say that you are grateful for all of the obvious components like having a roof over your head, good friends and some food on the table, but are you willing to have a spiritual experience where gratitude is concerned?  This Thanksgiving I am going to ask you to dig deeper then you ever have with what you are grateful for.  Sit quietly by yourself, light a candle and play a song that makes you feel deeply from your heart.  Then begin to write down what you are grateful for as you allow yourself to be fully aware of what your life is really like.  I did this and when I was done I felt my entire body and soul get filled with gratitude.  Read below for a part of my personal list of what I am grateful for, hopefully it will inspire you to create one too. (Pictured here with my soul sister Kelly Lynn Adams this year I am SO grateful for her)

My Gratitude List:

I am grateful for the differences I feel with those I love, because I know those differences teach me so much everyday.

I am grateful that when I really NEED something, it shows up in my life.

I am grateful for the team of beautiful women I have supporting me in my life as contributors, friends and spiritual sisters.

I am so grateful that I was guided to change the way I eat so that my skin and body could continue to heal.

I am forever grateful that I have been blessed with experiencing great love in my life.

I am so incredibly grateful that I am able to see God within the hearts of the people I communicate with on a daily basis.

Do you get the difference between this list and a generic rambling of your thoughts?  Don’t just act out what you think gratitude looks like Bellas, allow yourself to feel it from head to toe and heart to heart.  Grab a friend or family member and do this exersize together if you want to really get the gratitude juice flowing and know that this Thanksgiving you are truly loved.

Thank you for reading.

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