Do You Want To Quit Your Day Job?

September 29, 2016 Career

I so get it, my loves. You have this burning desire brewing inside of you to follow your passions. To live out your life’s purpose and actually get paid for it. To stop sitting behind a desk helping a company achieve their goals but to actually get clarity around what your goals are and make those dreams a total reality. I SO feel you on this.

I felt exactly like you did for so long until about three years ago. You see, right after I got divorced I was at a major crossroads and the lavish lifestyle I had gotten used to was not something I knew how to create on my own. One of the biggest problems may surprise you: I had never had a job before, let alone the capacity to understand what my dreams even were.

Before I knew it, I was waiting tables and officially struggling to pay my bills. Before long, I upgraded my paycheck and landed a job in real estate after passing my exam. I was so excited because the ability to make a good salary was finally a real possibility in my life, and before long, I proved to be incredibly good at my job.

But then there was another problem. I always felt like there was something missing. Always. If you’ve ever wondered what you were meant to do in this world or how you were going to make your dreams come true, then you know first hand how intensely painful that can be. I felt this disconnect between what I was doing and what my soul kept yearning for, but I had zero idea of how to connect the two. I was completely lost.

The call within me was so strong that I often found myself crying from the thought that I might not figure this purpose thing out. What if I miss it? What if I don’t have enough money to create what I want? I don’t know that many people, what if that means this won’t work? Do I even have any skills?! It was brutal and my fears were at the forefront of it all. Finally, after about two years inside this haunting question, there came that moment when I decided to be more committed to my happiness than to my suffering and I just freaking went for it.

I got still, I worked my ass off to get the clarity I was so craving, I refused to let myself continue to isolate and I found a tribe. And that was just the very beginning. The amount that I learned during this crucial time was life-changing. It set me up for the business and personal brand that I am so grateful to have today. For the ability to have a team that supports me, to work with some of the most inspiring people and represent many of my favorite brands.

Now my days are made up of all the things that I feel inspired by and I couldn’t be more grateful for. To wake up every morning and know that there isn’t one thing on my calendar that doesn’t light me up. That I get to be on camera and get paid for it. I also found my tribe in a way that I never even knew was possible and the way we support each other is simply breathtaking. I even found a way to make social media be so much more than what it started out as! I now get paid to post about products I love and I feel so blessed to use my platform to share important issues so we can move this world even just a little bit closer to LOVE.

One of the questions I get asked the most is “how exactly did you do it?” My answer is always that there is no magic pill or quick fix, my love. There just isn’t. But there are concrete and tangible steps that you can take to create a true impact in making your dreams a reality. I’m not talking about the fluff stuff or the marketing techniques that make even my head spin. I am talking about pure, straight-forward, achievable and often even thrilling things that you can implement right now.

This is why I created The Love Entourage: Personal Branding Edition. I’m taking all the things that I have spent almost a decade learning and giving it to you in a special 7-week program so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I made. The best part? I not only have an in-person version in my home in New York City (only two spots left!) but I created a VIRTUAL addition for all of you around the globe. We already have people from Singapore, Australia and all throughout the United States.

I know you feel stuck in your day job which is why I want you to know that you might not have to be in it for that much longer. I am going to teach you how to get paid for the dream job you’ve always wanted in The Love Entourage: Personal Branding Edition.

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Thank you for reading.

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