Fix Your Face {Nitika’s Favorite Ways to Remove Stubborn Makeup}

May 14, 2014 Beauty
Wow. It has been a super busy last few weeks – I feel like a year has gone by in just 14 days!! I had so much fun at the Hot + Healthy event last week, but I definitely went through a lot of ups and downs as I navigated the event “birthing” process for the second time this year. One of the things that came out of planning the event, was my deep desire to be more of myself with you all. I’m not saying I’ve been being fake, so don’t worry. However I am saying that I have a lot more to give and there is a longing inside of me to share myself in a totally new way which I cannot seem to ignore any longer. For starters, I want to invite you in to my world more! I have so much fun showing you snippets of my life on  but it’s time to take it beyond a quick social media post.

Whenever I have a girls night with my besties, one of the things they are always asking me is about my skin care routine and particularly how I take my makeup off. From being on a television set, or doing a video interview over Skype to hosting an event for hundreds of people, my job requires me to be dolled up much of the time, even if my natural Indian roots would prefer to be makeup free (honestly). So I am always on the hunt to find ways to take off my makeup without stripping or damaging my face. Yes, that’s possible. Often times people feel that they have to scrub their face extra hard to get their face clean but the reality is that by doing that you are also stripping off the healthy oils and the more moisture you have, the less fine lines and wrinkles you will have! Below are my three favorite ways to take off my makeup and I use all three, depending on my mood and the amount of makeup I had to wear that day.

1) Wipe it up. My personal favorite way to remove my eye makeup in particular are the new fresh eyes Marcuja oil Wipes from tarte cosmetics. Some times wipes can be harsh, leave a gross residue or just not be effective at all, so I was a bit skeptical when trying these after a full day on set at Veria Living Television (pictured above). Honestly, these things are AMAZING!! My heavy makeup completely came off and I didn’t lose any lashes in the process which can happen with waterproof mascara some times. My eyes were not only clean but the Marcuja oil in the wipes left them completely hydrated. Total win.

2) Go to your kitchen. There is nothing worse then staying over at someone’s place, whether it be a family member or a new boo, and being without the proper self-care essentials. Seeing that coconut oil is all the rage these days, I recommend going in their cabinet and seeing if you can find some. Using organic coconut oil is one of the most natural, gentle and moisturizing ways to remove your makeup. It’s also great for you to keep in your own cabinet. I don’t find that it fully removes my mascara on a day where I put on a little more then usual so I suggest using it on a lighter makeup day.

3) When you just need your face to feel clean! If you’ve been following me for a while, you have probably heard me mention one of my favorite brands, Naturopathica. I honestly love every product of theirs that I’ve ever tried, but the one that first caught my attention is their Oat Cleansing Face Polish. After a hot and sweaty summer day, or being out all night for a glam wedding, some times we do feel the need for a deep clean. Remembering what I said about not being too harsh on your skin, this polish will give you that deep clean without stripping your precious little face! It’s really a remarkable product and if you only try one thing from them, start here.

I had so much fun sharing my favorite tips with you today Beauties! I get a lot of products from different companies but I don’t share any of them unless I am honestly blown away. I Iove hearing all of your secrets to beauty success as well so hop on over toBella Life and share your favorite tips with us in the comments section! Also feel free to ask me any of your beauty or lifestyle questions in the comments – I LOVE hearing from you. Enjoy this beautiful day and have an amazing rest of your week!

Thank you for reading.

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