January 3, 2012

Get Grounded In Your Body Basics

Are you ready to create the body of your dreams? Watch Bella Life founder, Nitika Chopra, as she takes you on a journey of how to create your Body Basics!

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  • Ashley Taylor

    Another beautiful + inspirational video Nitika!

    Perfect timing to share Body Basics with the New Year here 🙂


  • Grace Dewey

    Hi Nitika,

    Thank you so much for sharing this video, I really LOVE the concept of body basics. I love how it is very individualized – something that I feel we really need to emphasize in these crazy times of one size fits all – and I love how they are “basics”, as in this is what I will do fundamentally, every day or at least regularly – they are my non-negotiable foundation for personal health – love it!

    I have a quick, silly question – what brand of journal do you use? I’m always looking for the perfect journal, but I’m very picky. I like the look of yours!

    Thank you!

  • Mary Costanza

    I love this, you inspire me and empower me! I love Bella life!
    Thank you!!

  • Priya Sharma

    Love it! So simple and true!

  • Nitika

    Thanks Ladies!!

    @Grace – So glad you are diggin the Body Basics!! What are some of the basics on your list?

    @Mary & @Priya – Love you both & Thanks for inspiring me back!!

    Love Always,

    Nitika <3

  • Nitika

    Oh and GRACE my notebook was made by a company named Pinetti – I bought it before I started Bella Life almost 2 years ago!!

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