How to Be a Happy Entrepreneur

September 13, 2015 Career, Lifestyle, Videos/Podcast

When I first stepped into the land of running my own business, I expected to absolutely love working for myself. And I did for the most part. But after months of working alone in my apartment, I quickly realized being an entrepreneur can be pretty isolating and lonely.

I found myself craving more in-person interactions, and getting stressed out when I had a super chaotic or weirdly open schedule. There were many times, where I was like, “what the heck am I even doing?”

Being the introspective, curious person I am, I set out to discover the keys to feeling better about this new lifestyle so that I could be super productive in my business, while also enjoying it all!

The truth is it’s not only crucial to be smart about how we spend our time as business owners, it’s also essential that we take really good care of ourselves.

Watch today’s video to discover the 3 things I can’t live without in order to be a happy entrepreneur. Afterwards, I’d love to hear from you! Do you have any tips that keep you happy and productive throughout the day? Or are you struggling to find your groove? Please share what’s going on with you in the comments below.


Thank you for reading.

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