How To Glow From The Inside-Out This Summer

May 17, 2018 Beauty, Lifestyle

Until very recently I have always dreaded the summer.  I know, so strange, but SO true. Growing up with thick white patches of psoriasis all over my body made me love the cooler months when I could get away with hiding my skin. So whenever April rolled around every year I felt the pending summer months getting closer and closer and my anxiety start to increase. While everyone was getting excited to lay on the beach in their bathing suits or go to a Sunday picnic in their favorite summer dress, I was praying for the season to end quickly so that I could get back to wearing long sleeves and pants.

Maybe you can relate? Whether you’ve had a chronic skin condition or have felt uncomfortable in your own skin because you’re convinced it should be different, most of us struggle with showcasing our full selves. I remember when my psoriasis got better I thought for sure that I would feel so free, but I didn’t initially. I wasn’t worried about my skin but I was worried about my weight. Or I was self-conscious about all of the sun spots I have on my body from the light therapy I did for my condition. No matter how beautiful people tell you that you are, it’s the way you feel about yourself that truly matters and my self-esteem needed major work!

Believe it or not, skincare played a major role in helping me love myself during these years of self-doubt and emotional intensity. When my psoriasis was at its worst I never thought about skincare the way I do now. I thought putting products on your skin was just a means to an end, a way to try and fix my condition or stop myself from being in pain. It wasn’t until years later that I realized skincare is actually a powerful tool to help me connect to myself, nurture myself and a tangible way to show myself some major love.

One of the things that I do now when there is a change of season is invest in some good skincare to carry me through the next few months. It’s often a minimal investment financially but has a great payoff emotionally. I feel more excited about the days ahead and am honoring the change in temperature with a new addition to my daily routine which is so fun!

This summer I have decided that my go-to products are the new Dove DermaSeries Collection. I found out about them recently and have been obsessed with how conscious they are. The line was created specially for people who live with extremely dry skin, including those with psoriasis and eczema, so they can feel more comfortable and confident. Hello, perfect fit!

For starters I am switching from my oil based cleanser for the winter to this mild, soap-free Dove DermaSeries Face Wash which is perfect to use day or night in the summer. It gently removes impurities that you can accumulate on a hot day and also takes off your makeup without harshly drying out your face.  I truly believe that my skin appreciates me changing things up as the seasons change and face wash is a perfect place to start.

The other thing I change-up in the summer is all of my lotions and creams and I feel like that might surprise some people! I know that so many of my girlfriends just skip the body moisturizer all together in the summer but I strongly suggest you do NOT do that. Even though my psoriasis is in remission and my skin isn’t cracking and peeling the way it used to if I skipped applying my cream that day, my skin is still always craving moisture. And I know yours is too! Not only is it important to keep our skin soft and well moisturized to help us get that young and supple skin we all desire, applying moisturizer to your body is a beautiful way to connect with yourself and nourishing on many levels.

Dove DermaSeries has this awesome Body Lotion that is easy to apply with a pump applicator and so lightweight while still being deeply moisturizing. The perfect combination if you don’t want to feel greasy in the hot summer months. I like to jump out of the shower, dry off and apply this body lotion all over. I usually put my robe on for a bit afterwards while making coffee and catching up on a few emails before I officially get ready for my day.

I also make sure to wash off the grimy New York City heat from my hands the moment I get home from my day and I immediately apply the Dove DermaSeries Hand Cream once I am done washing up so I don’t dry out my hands. I mean it when I say moisturizing is literally the most important thing that you can do for your skin, loves! I know it might feel weird to apply moisturizer in the hot months of summer but I promise you that your skin is craving it and maybe even more than the winter. After all, we sweat and risk dehydration in the summer and our skin needs to be hydrated just as much as the rest of us.

But the moisture doesn’t stop there! You know those extra hot summer days when you need to rinse off before bed because you feel so sweaty and overheated from the day? That’s how I feel in most of July and August. While taking too many showers can dry out your skin, it’s important to feel good so I let myself have a double-dose of showering on the days when I really need it. But the only thing that makes it ok is the fact that I make sure I moisturize well as soon as I get out of the shower. I apply the body lotion at night after I am done rinsing off and then slip into my pj’s. I swear I don’t think there is a better feeling on this earth than this ritual at the end of a long and hot day!

It’s conscious rituals like this that really help me stay connected to myself and feel deeply grounded throughout the hot summer days. Even on the days when my skin is flaring up or when I am feeling a little too curvy for my summer whites, these skincare check-ins really help. Combining really good skincare with intentional self-care is the best recipe for getting that summer glow we all long for, from the inside-out.

Now I want to hear from you! What rituals do you focus on to help you feel your most beautiful in the hot summer days? Is there a morning or evening routine that really helps you stay grounded and feel centered before a social activity in the summer? I want to hear about it all! Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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