How to Network with Authenticity & Grace

May 30, 2015 Career, Relationships

It goes without saying that networking is uber important when you’re a budding entrepreneur or business owner. Great relationships are truly the key to success and realizing your greatest dreams because it’s those other people who inspire us, push us think bigger, and, hopefully, become lifelong advocates of our brands.

However, I learned early on that the way we approach connecting with others is just as important as having great relationships. The way we introduce ourselves, the kinds of questions we ask, and the energy that we present all feed into someone’s initial impression of us–and more importantly–the feeling they get being near us.

In today’s video, I’ve got 3 ways for you to begin networking with total authenticity, grace, and ease. So the next time you’re at an event, you’ll feel confident and loving in your interactions. These tips come in handy for any relationships you might want to create, not just business ones by the way!

What has your experience been with networking? Do you have any horror stories or lessons to share with us? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.

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