How to Step into Your Feminine Power

April 3, 2016 Health, Lifestyle

I’m so excited to share today’s guest post with you. My dear friend, Jennifer Racioppi not only opens up about her personal journey–a story that nearly brings me to tears every time–but, she also lets us in on how the moon allows us to step more fully into our feminine energy. You should know this women has an unreal amount of resiliency and strength in her tiny little frame. She’s inspired some of the biggest laughing fits I’ve had in recent years. And she’s one of the most brilliant, heart-centered people I know. 

It was early spring fifteen years ago when I met Debbie, a short tarot card reader with long dark hair offering sessions in the back corner of a new age/metaphysical shop. At the time, I had no idea this would be a significant turning point in my life.

When I met Debbie, it had been almost three years since my last menstrual cycle. I had just endured a horrific battle with cancer that landed me postmenopausal before I turned 20, and was in the midst of some of my darkest moments. I was a total hot mess: depressed, riddled with horrific anxiety, unsure of who I was, and lost. On top of that, for most of my life I had a very contentious dynamic with my gender. I resented being a girl, and struggled immensely because of the years I contended with super painful periods.

When Debbie told me she wanted to take me under her wing, she explained that my lack of alignment with feminine cycles and feminine receptivity kept me locked in a cycle of disconnect from my true nature and intuitive voice. To help shift my relationship with my femininity, she taught me sacred rituals to honor the phases of the moon so I could move into a place of receiving, play, and grace.

Learning to live in sync with the phases of the moon provided my life with a deeply missed rhythm and profound feminine connection. It helped me balance my emotional health, and empowered me to pursue my dreams with resilience and heartfelt authenticity.

Understanding the Parallel Between the Moon and Your Period

There is an undeniable connection between the phases of the moon and the manifestation cycle of fertility. Every 29.5 days the moon cycles through 8 distinct phases, and about every 28 days we complete the menstrual cycle. Inherent in these rhythms lie a sacred recipe for navigating life. A map. When we follow this map, month by month, we can consistently make changes and adjustments in our lives.

1. New Moon – Menstrual Phase
The new moon happens when the sun and moon come into alignment—when the masculine energy of the sun merges with the feminine essence of the moon. During this phase, there is a lull in energy as the moon and the sun are conjunct in the sky. Similarly, when you have your period, you are in the symbolic new moon phase of your cycle. The menstrual phase typically lasts between 3-7 days, and shows a total absence of progesterone and a small spike in estrogen, which then declines completely.

At the time of the new moon and during your menstrual phase, you are at an important moment of rest and rejuvenation. This is a time to slow down, go inward to hear the deepest truth of your heart, and set a vision for what you want to create and conjure for yourself.

2. Waxing Moon – Follicular Phase
The waxing moon notes a time to add energy to the momentum of all that you are creating in the world. It’s a phase for exertion, and nicely complements what is happening in your follicular phase, the time between your period and ovulation.

At this point in the menstrual cycle, estrogen starts off low and begins to increase, readying your body for the release of an egg and a potential pregnancy. The increased estrogen spikes your serotonin. You will feel more energetic and powerful, making this a great time for extroverted activities that allow you to get things done.

The waxing moon and the follicular phases are optimal times to communicate, collaborate and become creatively inspired.

3. Full Moon – Ovulatory Phase
When the moon is full, its gravitational pull on the earth is at its strongest. Full moons offer an opportunity to make necessary changes to get back into sync with your highest ideal and fully begin to embody the energy of the Divine Feminine Mother.

This strong energy is matched in the ovulatory phase, which lasts about 3-4 days. This part of the menstrual cycle involves a quick rise in FSH and luteinizing hormone, as well as estrogen and testosterone. Because your testosterone is high, you may feel equally connected to your masculine—making this an ideal time for socializing, difficult conversations, public presentations, risk taking and anything else that fosters one’s ability to create and expand community.

Your energy is at its highest during these phases, so it’s an opportune time to be bold across the boards in life.

4. Waning Moon – Luteal Phase
When the moon begins to wane and the light disseminates, so should our outward attention. This is a call to go within and do the internal work of seeking answers and asking for direction. It is an evaluation phase, a time to tap into your more intuitive and introverted side.

Likewise in the luteal phase, which occurs when the body is certain a pregnancy has not occurred. The luteal phase is marked with increasing progesterone levels, the disappearance of FSH and luteinizing hormones, as well as a bit of a rollercoaster ride regarding estrogen levels. Progesterone will stop, initiating the period.

This portion of the cycle takes a much more inward focus as hormonal shifts prepare and PMS may begin. Our brains are wired to become far more sensitive to the emotional nuances of our subconscious and intuition. You may feel more called to nesting activities or more routine tasks. It’s a great time for introverted activities that connect you to yourself on a deep, nurturing level.

In the aftermath of my surgical menopause, I slowly began to heal by learning to reconnect with my feminine rhythm by adhering to the cycle of the moon.

When your internal and external worlds unfold in parallel rhythms, you are able to act with intention and power. You are able to show up as the most whole version of yourself.

Beyond learning to live in sync with your feminine rhythm, you can also learn how to manifest with the phases of the moon. The moon can be a powerful ally as you achieve your dreams, step up in your work, and move towards a resilient life of success without all the burn-out.

I invite you to check out my free Lunar Logic guide, where I outline four moon rituals that will help you through discovery, action, and full manifestation of your aspirations.

Now, we’d love to hear from you. Do you follow the cycle of your body? How about the cycle of the moon? Maybe even both? Let us know in the comments below and ask Jenn any questions you have about this process, she’s excited to support all of you! 

Thank you for reading.

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